The 6 Best Content Writing Tools for Everyone

Published On: July 1, 2020Categories: Content Types, SEO Services

Web content should be unique, engaging, and SEO-friendly. Providing solutions and creating a good experience for the audience is the main motive of writing blog posts and web content. Marketers, businesses, bloggers, brands, and writers nowadays are focussing on creating high-quality content to engage the audience. People will read and share the content if it is informational and useful.

To create quality content, it is important to use content writing tools. These tools make it easy for you to write well-researched, readable, grammatically correct, and attractive content easily. Check out these 6  content writing tools for SEO that you shouldn’t miss while writing a blog or webpage.

  1. Hubspot Blog Idea GeneratorHubspot provides writers with one of the most effective tools. Finding a topic is much easy by using Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator. It suggests the best article ideas for which you are planning to write. You have to enter a few nouns relevant to your niche and HubSpot will suggest five fresh blog topic ideas.
  2. Hemingway EditorHemingway editor can be used to improve your writing skills. This app highlights all the complex sentences and gives suggestions to replace all the hard sentences, confusing words or, phrases with simple ones.
  3. SitelinerDuplicate content can lead to Google’s penalties. Siteliner is a great content writing tool to check if the content is copied from other sites. This tool scans your content to check if it is duplicated. Moreover, this tool finds the similarities between your content and the content on other sites so that you can easily edit your content to make it original.
  4. Keyword PlannerKeywords are an important aspect of content writing. Writers should know the importance of using relevant and the best keywords for SEO. Content using the right keywords is necessary to index your website properly on search engines. Choose the right keywords that are relevant to your topic. The keyword planner is a keyword research tool in which keywords are organized based on the popularity, subject, and level of competition. Enter your topic, website, or industry and pick up the perfect keywords to write your content.
  5. Cliche FinderSometimes you use the most cliched phrases and words in your content multiple times, and you notice them at the end while editing the document. Cliche Finder is an amazing tool that finds the words or phrases that are overused or repetitive in your article.
  6. TwordsTwords is a web app that tracks your writing habits and how much content you write every day and every month. It is based on the three major principles — accountability, awareness, and consistency. You can also set a timer to motivate yourself to write for a fixed period using this app.

Use these tools to write appropriate, original, grammatically correct, engaging SEO content.

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