The Co-Relation Between SEO & Conversion Optimization

Published On: February 18, 2016Categories: Lead Generation, SEO Services

Generating traffic is great, but that should not be your ultimate goal. Apart from improving traffic to client’s brands, as a SEO expert your intention should be to encourage visitors to buy something or fill a form, download a brochure or perform other actions while navigating your site. Improving traffic does not always result in more sales and as a SEO expert, your aim should be to grab in more sales. But, how could you help your clients get more business through organic search? The only solution and answer to this question is Conversion Optimization.

Conversion optimization is considered as the most powerful business strategy to enhance your client’s revenue as well as conversions from end users. You can simply optimize each and every element of a site but if visitors don’t convert or doesn’t pay any attention, your hard work towards driving quality traffic through organic search will be of no use.

This is when SEO and conversion optimization should work hand in hand and deliver their clients with better end result. If the two strategies work together, converting visitors into customers will be effortless. Both the strategies are tightly linked and can improve your business within a short span of time.

How to Perk Up Conversion through SEO?

Conversion leads to sales and sales leads to profit; henceforth, a good conversion rate is always essential for the success of your business. We will let you know about some actions that need to be performed to increase conversion through organic search.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your website or web pages have the right content, based on the objective at all stages of user journey, as that will greatly enhance conversion rate of your website. If you can serve your customers with the right thing at the right time, chances of improving conversion will increase.

Another effective way to boost conversion is to check out user behavior and work closely with the analytics team to find out why users are not converting. It is necessary to take a close look at the analytics and figure out where users are having issues and what to do next. Prepare yourself for answering some questions from an end-user perspective.

Does your site features simple call to action statements?

Is the site easy to navigate?

Does your website have easy conversion process so that visitors can reach their ultimate goal?

Does your site have content that matches the requirement of users?

Going through these questions will help you take a closer look at your website and make the required changes.

Where Are The Customers Going?

When creating a website, marketers aim to make the site popular and drive in huge mass of traffic. In case your website is not getting enough traffic, find out where the users are going and what are they doing on your site. Tools like Crazy Egg can help you out by providing insights from a heat map on where visitors are clicking on your site.

If users are clicking on a particular part of your landing page instead of focusing on call to action statements, try to improve the issue and keep on testing to develop conversion rate.

Testing different landing pages and elements of your webpage on regular basis will serve as your company’s benefit.

Check out What Customers Are Saying

Conducting surveys using several survey platforms and by performing usability test with tools like ClickTale, you will get to know about the comments and feedback of the users. This will let you improve your website and resolve issues that are creating challenges for the users.


Search engine optimization and conversion optimization works better when they come together. SEOs must stress on increasing conversions when providing qualified traffic to the websites. Ensure that the clients have sound content strategies and SEOs should work closely with the analytics team, taking essential steps to find out why users are not converting and turning into customers.

If you want to enhance conversion optimization with the help of SEO, hire dedicated seo expert.

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