The Definitive Guide to Creating Viral Content

Published On: February 4, 2016Categories: Content Marketing

With more and more businesses growing all over the globe, the competition on web has become stern, compelling businessman to become more resourceful in their marketing endeavor. In such a situation, only viral content can serve as a savior for the marketers, trying hard to detain the attention of modern day visitors.
Creating a piece of content is easy but making that particular content viral becomes really difficult for the marketers. Even if you come up with a valuable piece of content, there is no guarantee that readers will love the post and it will go viral. It’s high time when marketers should focus on creating viral content so that they can promote their business and can drive at least 2,500 visitors per day.

Let Your Content Go Viral With These Tips:

Though there is not as such any magic formula that you can apply, there are a few effective measures that you can make the content viral. Take a glance;

Always Upload Positive Content

If you are planning to write content, make sure it has some positive impact on the reader’s mind. Content that arouse positive feelings have higher chances of getting viral. Readers share content that makes them feel good. So, always keep in mind that shareable content is the one that can make your target audience happy.

Your Content Should Evoke High Emotions

It is been said that content that has the power of evoking high emotions, stays always at the top. These emotions include joy, surprise and humor. You can also insert relevant pictures to make the content look more happening. Blogs that comes in with surprises will definitely get more customers’ attention.

Practically Useful Content

It always makes sense to share content that are practically useful. A recent study revealed that content that features useful stands have higher chances of getting viral on the internet. Ensure that your content is intended at suggesting a proper solution for problems of your target readers.

Build A Story

Storytelling is one of the best ways to acquire strength in this competitive market. Instead of presenting your content in a dry manner, it is better to present it in the format of a story to get that attention and interests from the readers. You can simply make a perfect story regarding your brand, product and services to capture the attention of your target audience.

Go Interactive

It is vital to go interactive with the readers as that enhances the visibility. Interactive content is referred to as a swift way to virality. Interactive content helps in increasing site traffic, lead generation, customer acquisition and conversion.

Ensure Social Buttons

Today when everyone is busy with social media sites, your business should not lag behind. To make your content viral, it is necessary to put social media buttons on your site. The social share buttons will help readers share the content instantly.

Can You Earn Money from Viral Content?

Yes, you can! All you need is to look out for the right way to monetize your success. The issue is though you can earn money from content; it is only for the short term as viral trends ends as soon as they arrive.

The most popular and effective location for viral content is You Tube. This platform allows users to monetize their videos via advertising to generate profit for Google and provides a small commission to those who have created the video.

It can be said that your content getting viral is equivalent to the advertising budget that helps you earn a similar amount. But, if you are not capable of uploading similar content every day, the loss will be yours and you can’t rely on it too much.


Honestly speaking, making content viral is a daunting task for the content writing companies. But, nothing is impossible and that is why, marketers should always work hard on creating viral content, implementing the above-mentioned tips. Just remember, one viral video can do wonder for your business.

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