Tips on How to Master Online Reputation Management for Your Business

Published On: May 24, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

Thanks to the digital world – we are now able to create, build and market our personal brand like never before. But just like your brand, it is essential to manage the reputation of your business online and offline, as well. It is something that you should take care of on regular basis, so that your business can achieve what it dreamt for. The role of online reputation management in today’s business and media landscape is undeniable.

According to Harvard Business Review, “an increase of one star can lead to a 5-9% difference in revenue”.

All you need is to know the basic steps for mastering the art of online reputation management. Here we go;

Listen to your Customers

Those who had direct interaction with your brand are the best ones to intensify your reputation. But you should ensure that your reputation is positive in their mind or else there is no use in having them spread it.

One of the best ways to ensure what your customers are thinking about your business is to design a feedback system. Whether it is a phone call, or an email; giving your customers an easy way to tell what they feel about your organization and listening to them is extremely important for your business.

Target Review Websites

Factually, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

Reviews are not only important for building up reputation but they serve as a powerful sales tool as well. Customers will buy from you, based on the reviews other customers have shared after purchasing from your site. If you can find out what channels and sites your customers use to review your business, you can send your potential customers there by featuring prominent links to the positive reviews. This would help you build your reputation the better way.

Assemble Customer Feedback

If for any reason, you can’t convince your customers to leave reviews on relevant sites or they don’t even fill up survey forms, this suggests that you need to take a more direct approach. Gathering customer feedback is important to promote your business. Whether it is asking directly or taking a client out for lunch, being direct is the most effective way to generate honest feedback.

If you are not okay with what they are saying about your business, ask customers how to improve and ensure them that you will work on it. Improving or focusing on negative feedback is as powerful as positive feedback.

Share your Customer Feedback

Whenever you receive good reviews from your customers, don’t keep it secret. Share it on social media platform so that followers, friends and those who are unaware of your business; get to know about it. Frankly speaking, let the world know when someone praises you and your effort. Use every channel to spread the word about your satisfied customers. Leveraging a positive reputation is a smart way to generate new business.

Learn and Improve

It has always been said by the experts that negative feedback can be a positive thing for your business. Instead of getting defensive, why not embrace the negative feedback of your clients and ensure them that you will surely improve and learn from your drawbacks. Striving hard continually will make your product and service offering better and improved.

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