Tips on Mobile Strategy for the Marketers

Published On: May 11, 2016Categories: Mobile Marketing

With each passing day, we are becoming addicted to smartphones. Mobile phones are making our life easier, and trouble-free. According to a recent report, “over two-thirds of smartphone users say they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning and 30% admit they actually get “anxious” when they don’t have their phone on them.”

Marketers have made the mobile experience easy for us. We look at phone for information and facts that we may not find anywhere else, so easily and fast. Instead of using a laptop or a desktop, it is always better to operate a smartphone to gather information.

As a marketer if you are planning to surprise your audience with a mobile experience of your website, you need to plan a strategy. It is really important to understand who your audience is and what they want. There are basically two areas of mobile strategy to focus on: mobile apps and mobile websites. When developing mobile strategy, you need to define the target of your mobile target audience’s objectives. Check out some essential points that needs to be considered:

Mobile App strategy

There are available too many apps for consumers. A mobile strategy is not only about having a mobile friendly website as there are multiple other layers involved.

The mobile experience can be different than that of the desktop experience, which can help marketers identify if the mobile app is worth defining or not. In some cases having a mobile app is must only if the experience is tailored to a particular action. In some cases it is not that important to have an app developed for a particular reason or user group. It is better to focus on creating a mobile-friendly website that provides a smooth experience between desktop and mobile devices.

When creating a mobile app, take the proper steps to optimize the app store location and build a campaign to promote it. SEO will not only focus on Google or Bing but will expand to app store optimization. Focus on getting quality reviews and ratings.

Mobile Website Strategy

The first step when creating mobile friendly website is to technically develop the site. Having a responsive website or an individual mobile are the best ways to create a mobile website. Conducting mobile keyword research is essential for creating a mobile app or website to guide the right type of content creation. Consider applying AMP to your blog pages as that will increase site speed for mobile users.

Mobile Analytics

After you are done with developing your mobile marketing strategy, it is necessary to track your mobile metrics. Updates to your mobile strategy should have proper data to support your decision. Most websites have more mobile users than desktop users now. As you will be having the majority of traffic from mobile, considering the following metrics will help judge the performance of mobile strategy:

    • Pages per session
    • Bounce rate
    • Landing pages
    • Site speed on mobile
    • Page Path

Mobile Usability

If something looks good on desktop, it doesn’t mean that it will look great in mobile too. Make use of actual devices and tools to find out potential issues during mobile rendering. Check to view how the mobile page renders even though your site is mobile friendly. Making the mobile experience as smooth as possible will help users take actions you want them to make.

Final Thoughts

It is a known fact now that mobile plays a crucial role in search engine marketing too. Thus, marketers should start with focusing on how to use mobile analytics and strategy to deliver a better experience for consumers. Mobile technologies will keep on evolving and if you want to stay on the top, start with planning your strategy the right way.

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