Top 5 E Mail Marketing Metrics That Matter

Published On: March 14, 2016Categories: Email Marketing

E mail marketing is considered as one of the most effective marketing strategies. If executed properly, this strategy can benefit your business and convert leads the best way. But the problem with businesses today is they don’t pay much attention to email marketing and carry out campaigns haphazardly. This automatically leads to poor ROI and bad results.

To achieve good results with your email marketing efforts, why not start with a strategy? If you are not aware of how your emails are performing, you won’t be able to execute the changes that it may require.

We understand that marketers are busy and don’t have time to check every mail, but paying attention to metrics is highly important. If you skip metrics, it may cost you a lot later.

To help you avoid such situation, we have summed up a list of e-mail marketing metrics that you must pay attention for the benefit of your business.

Bounce Rate

When analyzing email marketing efforts, do pay attention to bounce rate. ISPs such as Yahoo and Google, monitor bounce rates to evaluate the reputation of a company. There are two types of bounce rates- hard and soft. Soft bounces are not that severe and they could result from your inbox being filled with email sending service. The harder one indicates that an email address is invalid. It is crucial to remove all such mails from your list so that they don’t create any harmful effect on your bounce rate.

Click Rate

Click rate is also considered as an important metric to look at. Click rates will let you know whether subscribers have opened your mail or not and they can also interact with you by clicking on links to visit your webpage. If readers are not visiting your webpage via your email, you should work hard on increasing your email marketing conversion rates.

Delivery Rate

Delivery rate is the percentage of emails that are actually delivered to the recipient’s inboxes. If you are sending a message to engage a customer, it must first get delivered to their inbox. In case you find out that the delivery rate is dropping, this may lead to a problem with your listing. If a particular campaign has low delivery rate, you need to examine the subject line and content of that particular message. Make sure that you are checking your delivery rate on regular basis.

Complaint Rate

Complaints happen and you can’t ignore it. It may happen that someone received your mail and marked it as spam. There are several reasons behind so, but your responsibility is to avoid such mistake. Some crucial points that you should keep in your mind are – make use of confirmed opt-in, don’t use tricky subscription methods, and don’t send too many emails.


Conversion rate is another crucial factor to consider as it shows the percentage of recipients who have completed a desire action, like filling out a subscription form or purchasing a product. The higher your conversion rate, the more you will benefit from the customers. Measuring the rate involves the integration of web analytics and email platform.

When working on email marketing campaign, do keep in mind these metrics. Executing them will let you evaluate success the best way.If you would like to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing, get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Consultant today.

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