Top 5 Inbound Marketing Tips For Real Estate Professionals

Published On: September 3, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

Since last few years, traditional advertising is kind of losing its effectiveness in real estate. And this is why small businesses in the industry wonder what to do to gain new leads. However, digital marketing has brought in some new age marketing strategies to help real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. Implemented correctly, turnkey real estate marketing ideas offer agents an advantage over the competition. Inbound Marketing is the new tool to slide in your marketing arsenal that generate leads, rather make it much easier to convert those leads into customers.

If you want to gain better traffic and higher leads, you can’t waste time, money, and efforts in confusion. Move ahead of cold calling and newspaper advertising – transform your outbound strategy into an inbound marketing plan! Inbound Marketing is a highly effective strategy that has the potential to catapult your lead generation and boost conversions.

Don’t Just Push Your Message Out; Pull Your Prospects Right In!


To help you get a better handle on Inbound Marketing for real estate, here’re the top 5 tips.

1. Create Buyer Personas

Identify your target consumers, understand their stories, recognize their needs, and build a marketing persona that consists of details on their unique needs, questions and concerns.

2. Nurture Leads Using a Sales Funnel


Consider adding the value for your customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Make sure that you personally keep in regular contact. “Inform & Educate” is the best strategy that works in grabbing leads.

3. Leverage Quality Content

For real estate professionals, Inbound Marketing strategies are particularly apt because they have extensive knowledge to share with their potential customers. Produce shareable content readily available to existing and potential clients. Promote best content via business blogs. Add resources to your website or simply ramp up your social media presence. Create helpful content for your leads.

    • List of schools in the area with demographic data
    • List of factors to consider while determining a home’s value
    • Types of loans based on budget and lifestyle factors
    • Tips for first-time homebuyers/sellers
    • Home improvements providing the best return on investment

4. Convert Landing Pages

Landing page optimization is critically important. Make sure that your landing pages are uncluttered and follow the best practice. Smart, bold, and inviting CTAs work wonders! Moreover, make another offer or link to useful information for thank you pages.

5. Multiply Efforts Using Workflow

Workflows keep regular personalized content flowing to your customers. Automate your workflows to nurture leads. Design the right kind of workflows – email campaign, free download, demo invite, webinar, and phone calls. Focus on providing customers with the exact content they want.

Inbound Marketing has been proven to show as much as 200-300% of improvement in ROI, reducing the lead acquisition costs by almost 60% on the other hand.

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