Top 5 Predictions for PPC in 2016

Published On: January 19, 2016Categories: PPC

2015 has been a dynamic year in the world of paid search as, several platforms released huge number of updates along with new features. The most noted change for the retailers was the power to have a Cyber Monday and a Black Friday structured data as an ad extension. In 2015, Bing incorporated plethora of changes to its advertising platform, with the preface of remarketing and image ad extension for shopping and search campaigns.

As the New Year begins, PPC industry experts have already started predicting the trends that are expected to dominate the year 2016. We have listed down the most crucial PPC predictions, so that you can focus better on your marketing strategy.

Based Advertising

Before purchasing a car, it is quite obvious that you will want to have a test drive. Before buying a wedding dress, you will surely want to try it once. This is termed as the act of experiencing a product. Google Apps found that most of the apps in Google store were operated only after they are installed. This is the reason why virtual machines on the Cloud platform emerged to help users try out an app some seconds before downloading.

Henceforth, in 2016, the PPC industry will allow customers to have a visual feel of the product before purchasing it. Advertisers can use interactive ads to reveal their latest product range via galleries. Expectedly, 2016 will come across many more interactive ads that will allow users to have a live experience with a product before purchasing.

More Features for Shopping Promotion

Google is persistently adding plenty of advanced functionality to the shopping campaigns and will continue to do so in the future too. In the previous year, Google introduced a powerful feature that allows mobile users to see more information like product availability at nearby store and ratings. We will definitely come across more interactive features like rotating images and lots more, which will keep users engaged to your web page.

Usage of More Personal Targeting

Last year, we saw search engine marketers were focused more on personal targeting. Though there is still a lot to be done in this area, Google AdWords and Bing Ads will use personal targeting more for their advertisements in 2016.

More YouTube Ads

Video campaign will always work better compared to other marketing strategies. This year, you will come across more Google and YouTube ad integration. This signifies that products and video campaigns will also have advertising with clickable areas to your mobile app. More integration and card options will come up in 2016.

Snippet Extension

In 2015, Google introduced snippet extension. These extensions were helpful for PPC ads to stand out and it also allowed advertisers to showcase their brands that they want to sell. Recently, Bing also released image extensions that improved customer interaction. Expectedly, 2016 will witness more such cool extensions.

These above mentioned trends are all set to rule the PPC industry in 2016. Implementing these trends in your business strategy with the help of professional PPC expert will help you reach your targeted audience easily. Make sure that you keep up with all the latest developments so that you all can continue to achieve great results for your clients.

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