Top 5 Retention Marketing Tactics for your Business

Published On: May 16, 2016Categories: Lead Generation

Retention Marketing focuses on creating value from customers your already own, rather than adding new customers. When it comes to customizing your strategy based on your own store’s lifecycle, retention marketing plays a crucial role. Not every tool will work for your business. Here we have summed up top five retention tools that may help you promote your business the right way.

Retention marketing tactics are complimentary. The ideal strategy of choosing the best depend on the stage your business is in.

Let’s take a look at the following tactics;

Noteworthy customer service

Let’s begin with the basic. Your customer experience and service are the most crucial contributors to customer retention. If a customer did not enjoy shopping with you, it is obvious that they will not come back. This is something that you should take care of, because their presence means a lot to you and to your business as well.

If you are looking into more superior customer retention tactics, ensure your service and experiences are top notch.

Retention Emails

Many of you are using email marketing to sell your products, but may be you are not doing so with a retention marketing mentality. Instead of using mails to promote your latest products and sales, it would be better to use it for encouraging past customers to come back and shop again.

If you can know your average time between purchases, you can perfectly segment your customers based on the last purchase date. If customers have gone longer than the average time without purchasing, you can give them an extra push to come back and shop again. You can use your current email service provider to send these mails to targeted customers.

Support Systems

Support systems help you provide top notch services, your customers are looking for. It allows turning customers with problems, into lifetime customers. Tools like help desks and life chat systems help you add a human touch to the support of your online business. Customers always look out for a human touch and this serves as a reason for them to come back again and again. Life Chat Software is another easiest way to give you a human touch. Customers always prefer dealing with humans and not automation, as it makes them feel valued.


Every business owner should be using personalization in their marketing efforts. None of us like to be put through a generic process. From adding a customer’s name to all communication to personalized product recommendation, there is a lot to cover with personalization. It is always important to create a customer experience that builds customer loyalty.

Reward Programs

A reward program is one of the most effective retention tactics at your disposal. It allows you to reward shoppers and encourage them to come back. This finally creates a switching barrier they need to ignore if they want to choose a competitor in the future. You can also reward points for actions like social follows, shares, registration and referrals.


It is always necessary to invest in retention tactics so that you can promote your business the right way. As you start with developing the retention strategy for your business, soon you will begin to see the return on investment with more loyal and satisfied customers.

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