Top 5 Tips to Leverage Web Analytics for Increased Online Sales

Published On: November 5, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

Every business with online presence is ought to track the traffic. A web analytics tool is meant to do the job for you. It has the potential to take your brand the next level. Have you often overlooked your web analytics? Or maybe you haven’t taken complete advantage of the wealth of information in the web analytics reports. Then how should you go about implementing the analytics to understand your customers’ buying cycle and boost online sales?

Let’s take a look at the top five tips!

1.Identify Your Best Traffic Sources

Present special offers to the traffic sources getting you the most of your business!

You might have bulk of traffic coming randomly from various corners of the world. However, it’s important to identify the best traffic sources in order to know your target audiences. Some traffic sources are more valuable than others. So, once you get an idea about where these visitors are coming from, it’s not difficult to determine the sources that are offering the most relevant traffic. You can now devote more of your time to these visitors and start with audience segmenting.

2.Better Understand Customer Behavior

Create a personalized approach towards customer experience!

It’s quite a simple logic – the more you know about your customers, the better service you’ll offer. Try to understand your customers’ demands, tendencies, and buying behavior, for it’s the key to providing the best level of service to them. And as you might already know, delivering exceptional customer service is one of the keys to unlocking your brand’s digital potential.

3.Pay a Little More Attention to Your Website Conversion Funnels

Determine where the buying action takes place!

Pay a detailed look through your web data and determine exactly how and where the “buying action” is taking place on the site. Is it the homepage where more purchases are happening after a social media referral? Or is it a landing page for your PPC ads that is turning visitors into your customers? Once you know it, the next step should be replication of the same funnel in the underperforming areas of your site. Web analytics is the best tool to find out traffic source problems as well as conversion issues.

4.Perfect the Landing Page Performance

Change the color of the “Buy Now” button, switch up a Call to Action, & display new offers!

Not tracking and tweaking your campaign-specific landing pages? You’re not using your landing pages to the full potential then! Landing pages give you a deeper view to the actions taken by your potential customers coming from specific traffic sources, which helps you know how to modify landing pages. Modifying your landing pages based on web analytics can immediately boost your sales, to ultimately increase the bottom line.

5.Make it Personal for Your Customers

Make things personal & your customers will reward you!

Focusing only on visits, clicks, likes, and shares? You’re definitely missing on something very important! After all, clicks and shares are all about you but what about your customers? Digital marketing has always been more about customers, which is why you must understand them and listen to what their actions and reactions indicate. Take your personalization strategy a step further – segment your customers in groups based on their preferences and start emailing specific offers to each one of them.

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