Top 8 Link Building Tips for 2016

Published On: February 18, 2016Categories: SEO Services

No matter what others say, link building is still considered as a valuable way to improve traffic as well as ranking of websites. Traditional link builders target links from sites with high DA (Domain Authority). But with local SEO, link builders also prefer links from sites with low DA. Basically, building links is not only about creating inbound links for SEO purpose. If you receive quality links on local sites, they are the links that visitors will click on. Those local links will bring traffic to your website and will also increase your brand’s visibility.

If you own a local business, you can take advantage of some local link building tips that we have summed up for you.

1. Develop a Local Resource Page

When talking about local resource page, people think that we are discussing about trading links with local businesses. This is not the procedure! By creating a local resource page, you will be sharing facts with outsiders about something that you love or are passionate about. If you are fond of smoked meats, share a list having the best barbecue joints in your city. If you love spending time with your kids, prepare a list of top 5 outdoor activity spots. This will serve as a strong reason for the other sites to link with you.

2. Organize a Community Event

Organize a party and invite the entire city. Find out what the local auto dealers do on weekends. If you can host an event that is open to all community, you will easily get links. Also you can pull together other local businesses to support the event and as a result, you will receive quality links.

3. Military or Alumni Discounts

Offering discounts to alumni will help you receive quality local links. Once you have got a page on your site speaking about discounts and offers, it will become easier to reach out to local alumni groups and get them added to your site. Military discounts work better, but they require a bit more outreach and updates to get links.

4. Local Meet-ups

Local meet-ups can help you earn local links in large numbers. Log in to and find out active groups in your area. Try to find out groups that are already linked with your business and then branch out to the other local groups. Groups that are in search of location for their meetings should be your first target. Offer them your place for business and see how easily you get links. In case you are not being able to find out groups who are not looking for a place to meet, look out for groups that are in search of sponsors. You can sponsor the group for a certain period and get links in return.

5. Local Blogs

If possible, find out local bloggers and keep in touch with them. Once you have built a relationship, it won’t be hard to convince them to write a few blogs about your business and include links.

6. Local Directories

Why not hit the local directories for citations? They are also a great source for local links. Every city has its own local directories. You just need to do quick Google search and get your business listed.

7. Arrange For Some Fun Contest

Arrange a contest that would generate fun and excitement amongst people. This will help you have a good publicity and right links when you associate the contest with the local organization.

8. Local People

If you can arrange for an interview with a local figure, that will also help you get links. Focus on the relationships that you already have and start dealing with them for your own benefit. If you are not connected with any one, ask your friends or family members if they know any local figure. Set up an interview and once it gets published, you will definitely get juicy links.


It can be said that developing links is similar to developing content for your website. It is not always about how many links or how many keywords, but is about making sure that your links and content are relevant to your webpage. For further query regarding local links, hire dedicated SEO expert and allow them provide you the best service for your business.

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