Top Internet Marketing Myths: Know What Not to Believe in

Published On: July 1, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

Just like the world is not flat, the online marketing world is not too. Like the real world has thousands of mythical stories in its every corner, the later one also has a lot of myths which you might even believe in. There could be some lies about Internet marketing which you are unknowingly following over the years. Every once in a while, when you come across different statements about Internet marketing from random people, do you really believe in each one of them?

Because you don’t get sufficient time to study the Internet on a daily basis, it’s obvious to rely on second- or third-hand information to make important decisions and investments. For marketers, executives, and marketing enthusiasts who aren’t informed enough to know better things about Digital Marketing, we’ve come up with these top myths.

Internet Marketing Works. It’s Simple

Well, it works but it’s not that simple. Some of the things may work great, while others may not. To make things work online for your business, it takes a lot of focus, dedication and planning of hundreds of offline and online activities.

Internet Marketing Does Not Work

Though quite a broadened statement, this either is a myth. A rightly planned, focused and continual online marketing strategy is the most likely to deliver you great results.

It’s Too Late To Start Online Marketing

For the Internet world, it’s never too late to start marketing for even the smallest business.

You Should Be Found On Every Possible Social Media

To grow a strong professional network and deliver best content, social media are the best platform but that doesn’t mean that you must be there on every other social platform that exists. Figure out what channels your target audience is spending time on; if they’re not, why should you?

Getting Online Leads Is All About Low Price And Slick Design

Go beyond just the lowest price tag and slick packaging; getting online leads takes much more than that!

Something Worked For A Business; The Same Will Work For You As Well

No, you can’t copy and paste. Whatever marketing you do has to be tailored to meet your company’s needs. It’s that simple.

You Should Blog About Each And Everything Your Company Is Doing

No, rather never; simply because your prospects may not be interested in all that a bit. Know what they would like to read and deliver it.

You Need Lots And Lots Of Web Traffic To Be Profitable

Traffic has to be there but you can’t actually appeal to everyone who’s online. Instead, think of a selected group of target customers.

Even If You Get Some Clicks, You Would Increase Sales

Again, it’s not the traffic that you want. It’s the right kind of traffic that converts in sales.

Internet Is Too Crowded; You Can’t Get Found On Internet Anymore

Yes, Internet is crowded but Google comes up with changing algorithms all the time and actually makes SEO and allied activities easier.

No One Reads Emails From Companies These Days. It’s All Spam For Them

Your emails are spam only if your make them spam. Give a personal touch and value to your emails and see the magic!

Now that you’ve got enough of what not to believe in, it’s definitely the time to move on from those old ideas and start getting the right kind of results you’ve always wanted from your online marketing strategy. To get the most out of your Internet marketing strategy, get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Expert today!

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