Top Meta Descriptions Tips To Increase CTR

Published On: July 9, 2015Categories: SEO Services

Can there be innovation, excitement, and fun in SEO- All under one roof! To get a hold of the online audience and drive more people to your website, you need to improve your organic click-through rate. Considering the fact, SEO expert professionals have come up with an innovative strategy which explains how optimized meta-descriptions acts as an essential factor into SEO and help to improve click-through.

Copy Paid Ads: For paid ads, you need to pay for the traffic; however, most of the SEO’s who runs paid ads are constantly testing till their ads are fully optimized. Since, keywords are essential for Google Ads, therefore it is necessary to insert the most relevant keyword for the customer to find your products.

Copy Organic Competitors: Now, you have copied the paid ads, so what next? It’s the time to copy your organic competitors in order to catch up with the latest buzz in the online market- how the competitors are targeting the audience, what strategies are incorporated and so on.

Ads Features & Benefits: Ads containing latest features & functionalities, followed by benefits can work wonders. Remember, features are associated with particular attributes of the business and benefits are associated with what customer can gain.

Use of Numbers: Using numbers in title tag play a vital role to improve click-through rate. It helps to generate clicks whether you’re using Social Media Networks (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube).

Use Your Keywords: Even if you write an appealing description, but forget to insert the keyword, your page won’t rank high on the search engine. The best part with keyword phrase is that it gets highlighted on the search engine, especially Google.

Include Your USP: The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is what makes you ahead of the competitors. It may include certain benefits such as Free Shipping, One-Day Delivery, and Discount Offers.

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