Top Search Advertising Trends to Watch

Published On: February 29, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

Search advertising is always considered as an effective method for escalating search engine rankings. Marketers depend on this tool for its immediate results. Henceforth; this is the appropriate time to consider the consequences of search advertising, so that you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

As per the unmatched access to search data and observing advertiser adoption patterns, here we have summed up some search advertising predictions for 2016 and beyond.

Everyone is Concerned about Audience’s Buying

With technology getting stronger day by day behind marketing, advertisers are becoming capable of using real time data to drive crucial decisions that may have a serious impact on the ad platforms that they prefer to use. Targeting customers across channels makes advertising more relevant and effective.

The toughest part in audience targeting scenario is data collection. Collecting first party data like email address, phone number is not that tough. You can do so by going through the sites visited by targeted audience or if they had signed up any offer form.

Second party data is the information a company like Google or Bing can collect it for us; audience search trends, platforms to purchase, prediction modeling, ad clicks and searcher intent.

Finally, the third party data tends to complement other data sources to enhance what we know or increase our view on an audience.

Union of such data streams will make it possible for the advertisers to deliver their message to precise audience that was harder to identify before.

Mobile Search

Including mobile in their campaigns as consumer usage shift is not something new to focus on. We have summed up this point to make you understand that mobile is drastically changing the way people search. With the launch of Windows 10, you will come across a massive increase in voice searches on Bing. The sudden increase in question phrases refers that voice search operates differently from text based search.

Therefore, advertisers should learn about this new trend that will surely influence ad effectiveness. Voice search has wide range of implications for the paid search marketers. As searchers use their mobile personal assistant, the idea of what is expected from those conversations are being forged.

One Click Actions

Allow user end actions on SERP through ads, help users to complete their desired transactions quickly. You know the name of your favorite restaurant and your favorite dish. But if you search for a restaurant and SERP’s offers a click to make reservation, it generates your ability to take your projected action, making user aim the first priority. Using wide variety of ad formats and extensions, businesses will be able to make things simpler for the customers. In addition to such SERP actions, publishers are also making investments to help users take quicker action.

Connecting users with advertiser’s products and services will definitely continue to be an area of improvement and investment.

Feeds are in Demand

It was much before Google and Bing when Feeds emerged in the world of digital marketing. Product feeds provide advertisers an efficient way to manage the advertising of huge sets of products and the ad formats create engaging way to reach customers and serve their search intent.

For example, if you search for red women’s jacket, you will see images of the same. A feed based result will help one narrow the search quickly based on what is displayed in the search results, including the description, price tag, and so on. Web feeds will keep on helping advertisers organize, track, and optimize on campaigns supporting higher level of active inventory.

These are some key trends that marketers should strictly focus on in 2016. These search advertising trends will expectedly influence the marketing industry to a huge extent.

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