Twitter Kicks Off Better Targeting With Its New Ad Groups Tool

Published On: April 26, 2016Categories: Social Media Marketing

Twitter Ads have come up with a new Ad Group feature with the purpose of improving advertising for big brands using segmentation and customization. Basically, Twitter is hoping to attract advertisers aiming for big-scale campaigns.

Twitter revealed:

“Ad groups introduce a new level in our campaign hierarchy: one campaign can have many ad groups, and an ad group can have many targeting criteria and creatives. This level of granular control helps advertisers improve how they measure results, set promotion schedules, test different audiences, and identify which Tweets work best.”

Twitter is trying hard to encourage more brands to join their advertising options as a method to reach audience in large numbers, increase leads, web traffic, testing, optimizing and measuring all the other campaigns. This strategy is really important for Twitter’s business, despite those depressing facts that we examined recently. Twitter is trying desperately to survive in the competitive world of social media, specifically in its business aspect.

Targeting Criteria

This social media platform offers different criteria for targeting specific audiences. This may help the advertisers improve the effectiveness of their ads. The most popular options of targeting are:

Geo-location Targeting

Geo-location targeting either by country, state or code helps businesses focus on each sub group of people with the right message.

Gender Targeting

It is not that every campaign is ideal for both men and women. This is the reason why gender targeting ensures that the advertisers get in touch with the appropriate engagement from every campaign.

Device Targeting

A new app trying to reach an extended audience cannot create an ad focusing on both iOS and Android users by providing the same link. This signifies that device targeting can significantly increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Language Targeting

Language targeting is not like geo-targeting. But both of them can become useful when tapering down the audience for any international campaign. You will definitely not prefer seeing an advertisement in a language that you are not being able to understand.

Television Targeting

It is a fact that Twitter users prefer operating the platform while watching their favorite shows and this can turn out to be an effective segmentation when creating a campaign relevant to popular TV show.

Keyword Targeting

A brand which is trying to increase engagement or jump can definitely benefit from targeting keywords, as this serves as a great opportunity to increase its reach.

Follower Targeting

This targeting option is useful for brands that try to focus on particular people and follow those who are similar to their target audience. You can’t deny the fact that who we follow indicate our preferences and this is considered as an effective way to spot people that are more pertinent for each campaign.

Better Targeting leads to improved measurement

Improvement in targeting with different cases of segmentation increases the effectiveness of Twitter ads. Henceforth, we are waiting for the results for the social network in future.

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