Utilizing Metrics For Upgrading Social Media Marketing

Published On: April 11, 2016Categories: SMO

Factually, metrics are not always perfect. But when you are running a business, it is important for you to measure and find out whether they are working or not. Evaluating proper metrics will let you see the whole picture or scenario. It will let you spot issues as well as opportunities for improvement of all the prevailing sectors of your business, including social media marketing.

But the only issue with the marketers is that they record metrics but never do anything with them. This is not the right way to move or run a business. Your responsibility is to record and analyze those metrics so that you can take proper action to perk up your processes, which will lead to positive results.

This is what the write-up focuses on. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will understand what to look for in social media metrics and how to react to those data for improving your ranking.

Let’s find out those essential metrics; necessary for your business:-

Valid Followers

Something that you will definitely track on social media is your followers or subscribers growth over time. If your social media plan is doing well, chances are high that your subscriber count will grow at a faster rate. You can do so by creating a simple spreadsheet. Don’t forget to record your follower count every month. Using analytics of social media tools will let you enjoy faster growth.

Post Reach

The next one is post reach, which tells you how many users saw your posts. You can measure so with advanced tool and all such information is available on all the social media networks. For example, in Twitter analytics, click on Tweets at the top and you will come across a detailed report of your overall impression. Calculating the average reach for posts each day will let you plan your marketing strategy in a better way. Schedule your social media posts at peak impression times.

Click through Rate

Finding out engagement rate will let you know about the number of users interacting with your posts. This varies depending on the available network. Engagement on Facebook could be click, comment and share. Shares, likes and comments are crucial and you should also find ways to drive social followers to your content. This will let you generate revenue. Though networks provide information in their analytics, you can use tools like Buffer to determine metrics. If a particular post has an average click through rate, this means your headline/ post was good.

Time on Page

If you are lucky enough to get followers to your site, your next step will be to love your content. One of the finest metrics to judge is the average time they spend on your page. The simplest method is to navigate to Acquisition-All Traffic-Source/Medium. There is nothing like perfect time on page target to aim for, because it depends on factors like topic, writing style and length of content. Your average user should spend at least a minute on your site and for that you need to post better and relevant content. This will help you improve.


Without conversions, the set of metrics is incomplete. If you can’t convert social media traffic into customers, then what’s the use?

Google analytics will help you do so.

If you can go into Acquisition- Social-Conversions, you can simply click the button to set up goals. It is as simple as that. You can also set up goals that will let you know if someone becomes a new email subscriber.

Putting a value in each conversion will help you quantify the value of social media marketing. Always remember that conversions are the final stages of your funnel.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to improving social media marketing, metrics are an absolute necessity. We have revealed the most effective metrics as well as ways to react for improving the social media marketing efforts. Analyzing the metrics on regular basis will benefit you.

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