Why Remote Working is a New Norm for Many SMEs?

Published On: May 27, 2020Categories: SEO Services, SMO

The topic of remote work has gained a lot of attention and research over the last few weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Work from home has become mainstream for many organizations from the last few years. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only a small number of employees were allowed to work remotely. But now the majority of offices, companies, and businesses have adapted to remote work due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Remote work has gained importance during these times and it is now clear that all SMEs need to have remote workers policy as a part of that business continuity plan.

If corporate leaders find this beneficial for the sustainability of brands, then remote working will be the new norm for many companies even after the COVID-19 passes.

How remote working is beneficial?

1. Increased work productivity

Workers can set up a comfortable work environment at home where they can avoid distractions. This is likely to be a much productive place than the office. Many organizations require employees to work in ‘blocks’ because they may need to focus on their work for many hours. Having a place where nobody will interrupt is very crucial for this industry, this is why remote work is mostly preferred in these organizations to increase productivity.

2. Increased employee retention rate

Hiring workers for remote working offers great advantages when it comes to the employee retention rate. The reasons are:

  • The workers will continue to work even if they move to other places
  • They are more likely to continue working during pregnancy and early motherhood
  • Employees have more flexibility while working remotely than in offices, which is a requirement of many

3. It is cost-effective

Having the entire staff centrally located in your office can be good for better communication. But on the other hand, it increases the expenses in the form of office space costs, equipment, and office supplies. Hiring a virtual staff reduces all those expenses.

4. Better mental health for employees

It is observed that 82% of employees working remotely have lower stress levels than those working in offices. Stress causes mental health issues like depression and anxiety it is often considered negative for overall workplace productivity. So, cutting off mental health problems will increase work productivity.

5. Environmental benefits

It is always great if businesses start thinking about the environment and take measures to reduce environmental issues. Several environmental benefits of remote working include:

  • Decrease in traffic pollution as employees do not require driving to work
  • Conserving the office workplace
  • Reduced use of throwaway containers or cups that are used during office hours

Many companies are following the remote working trend and there will be an increase in number in the coming years. If you feel like remote working can offer benefits to your company or business, then why wait? Hire some remote workers for your business! Contact Vidushi InfoTech to hire a remote dedicated development team.

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