Social Media Services:
Grow Your ROI With social media Marketing

The more you put your business on social media the better your customers get easy access to your brand. Our social media marketing services give you an edge over others and help you with what you need to stay active.

Everyone uses social media in today’s world. The customer rate of using social media has grown and will continue to grow, so finding your target customer on these platforms is crucial. Give your business some valuable, extensive, and targeted exposure by using our social media marketing services.

We focus on developing social media advertising campaigns to drive better volumes of traffic to your website. To increase conversions, we retarget your customers with social media ads to stay relevant to the newer visitors in your store. We leverage social media marketing to maximize the reach and get qualified traffic and conversions. As a social media marketing agency, we look into the following things:

We help you with social media account creations, where we handle every post, share, message, tweet, or anything related to your brand specific. We optimize accounts and choose the best social media depending on the type of your business and the customers it needs for growth.
We engage the audience with ad creatives, business trends, latest trends, make better content formats and posts, share videos, and target business audiences, and increase engagement.

Grow Audience

Even a good product when marketed to the wrong audience fails. Hence it is why you need an audience targeting knowledgeable team that ensures your product reaches an interested audience. For a growing audience, we plan out content for posts, videos, gifs, and marketing. Optimize accounts before posting, make use of appropriate social media marketing tools and analyze customer behavior.

Drive Results

We curate proper analysis of competitors and come up with ideas, and creatives that drive sales. We increase brand engagement, develop awareness, and drive more sales with the help of social media posts.

With so many social media marketing companies out there in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your business. At Vidushi, we use the best social media platforms needed for your business. Our above-mentioned tactics have helped to curate the best business social media presence to attract an audience. Not only do you get better ROIs, but you also get a team of social media marketing experts ready to help you with your business marketing. If in doubt, you know which social media marketing firm to look up.

Upon the full-fledged application development, we conduct a quality assessment to see whether we have justified the requirements. We also beta test, develop service test cases, and debug applications to ensure smooth and better performance after finishing the web app, mobile app, or Front-end UI/UX development. After that, we deploy the AngularJS application, make it live for your users, and analyze feedback to come up with new changes to your application. Our team creates maintenance plan and manages any error after deployment and take care of web app updates, health, optimization.

Vidushi Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook is a number one choice with millions of users coming on board every day. We make use of this to promote brand awareness, boost sales and increase your customer base. We show your ads to customers who are willing to buy with our right objectives. We launch a Facebook campaign based on your requirements, create groups and fan pages for more exposure, and use the brand events, conferences, live, story and seminars to promote your brand. Since it is such a powerful app, growing your brand here is easy and effective, and less time-consuming.

Build your brand where the professionals are! We make use of LinkedIn which leads to growing reach and increasing customer base. We create strong relationships with business prospects and create opportunities to convert those relationships into leads, influence already existing customers, and create a positive impact on your brand. With the help of an attractive LinkedIn product page, we create interesting postings related to your business, send messages, connect with clients, and make use of advanced searching to send out invitations and more.

Our firm has decades of experience in handling Twitter-based advertising, posts, and shares and knows what it takes to make your brand get noticed. With an impressive skill set, our social media marketing team makes use of Twitter on real-time trends and for social listening, and since it is such a great platform to read reviews or feedback on your brand’s public reputation, we tend to use this to our advantage by molding those into newer posts about your business.
This era calls for a massive digital presence where everybody is searching for unique social media marketing solutions. Reddit is a business-relevant community that has a whopping 430 million monthly active users. Using Reddit will help to increase brand awareness through innovative memes, posts, shares, images, etc. Reddit is a growing platform where users come to share their opinions about products, brands, or artwork. We make use of trending subjects and make your brand grow recognition. While making things on-trend is one way of growing, being consistent is still important. We work towards providing you with such assistance.


A lot of effort goes into finding out which platforms work best for your business. We don’t need a jack of all trades; we need specific social media handles that work and attract the maximum number of customers. That’s why it’s important to have effective social planning on more than one platform. A good social media marketing agency helps you with giving the best services needed for your business. Our social media marketing services have a proven track record of helping businesses reach their goals. Whether you want to grow your customer base, attract new customers, increase ROI, or get more conversions, we are here to help you.

Improve Brand Awareness
Being one of the leading social media marketing companies, our well-planned strategies have helped businesses gain massive brand recognition. We have comprehensive brand awareness tactics which help you get better moves over your competitors. We use the right social media platforms to increase your brand’s reputation and make it available to your customers.

Better Competitor Analysis
We do weekly competitor analysis to get a better understanding of what customers are getting, what they want, and what they are really looking for in a business. This strategy helps to be better and offer good service to target customers.


World Class Customer Service
We offer you the best customer service which guarantees faster response and spontaneous results. No complaints go unnoticed, we deliver better responses and act on them whenever needed. To build your brand’s reputation, it is important to have this service.

Expertise in Displaying Products
Your product will only get to your customers if you display it right. By using our social media marketing services, you get a better display of products, more engagement, and improvement in the brand’s identity.  Customers only buy products when they are familiar with your brand. We help customers get to know you in a better way.

We not only focus on posting your products, but we rather engage with your customers through proper social media plans. We make use of ads, creative posts, videos, and captions to attract your customers and get connected with you. For more details about our social media marketing packages, visit our site.


A social media marketing agency will cost depends on the plan you are taking and which platforms your want to target.
Vidushi is a CMMI Level 3 organization. We have the best experts with industry knowledge who know what ad to target and build brand awareness.
We are specialized in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.
We have run social media marketing campaigns for healthcare, travel industry, etc. some of the examples are Alwan Tour, A-Fire, Healing Hands Clinic, Sioux Rubber & Urethane, VisitsPartanburg, and The Mortgage Hunter.
Yes! We do have a dedicated team assigned to work on SMM projects.
We provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports of your campaigns.
We make use of fixed and also dedicated resources model.
Increased brand Visibility, lead generation, better ROI, and clicks.

Quick Tip Do’s & Don’ts

Focus on social media handles that give the best ROIs for business, keep these below in mind.


  • Compare conversion on all platforms
  • Choose the one with the highest traffic and engagement rate
  • Increase work and expenses on this platform


  • Engage in a way that doesn’t show neediness
  • Entirely use auto dm facility to attract your audience
  • Make excessive mistakes in your content