5 Advanced Technique to Improve Email Marketing

Published On: October 27, 2016Categories: Email Marketing

Email marketing if done the right way, can help you generate better leads and traffic for your business. This can be considered as one of the effective ways to connect with your audience. The inbox is a competitive space and making a mark can be difficult. All you need is to know the proper techniques that would help you boost your email marketing and achieve successful results. Your strong email messages can build customer loyalty and increase sales, the better way.

Here are five advanced techniques that would help you perk-up email marketing in order to achieve better leads and results.

1. Targeting and Segmentation:

The first step towards successful email marketing is to understand your customer and buyer’s persona. If you are able to understand what they are looking for, you will be able to sort out their requirement and prepare mails accordingly. This will let you build a proper email list and segment. Email converts much more than social media and that’s what makes it a successful platform for people to engage.

2. Make it Personal:

Personalize your message so that your target customer feels good about the gesture. Wish your client on special days like birthdays, anniversary so that they feel good and also get to know about their importance. If your company is offering some discount on products, customize the offer as per customer’s purchase history. This is a smart move to gain customer’s attention.

3. Lead nurturing and Market Automation:

Automated emails can help you get better leads as they have high open rate. Ensure you are mailing subscribers on daily or weekly basis about something informative.

4. Split Testing:

You can continually improve your email marketing strategy by working hard on the subject line; bringing a variation. Don’t put in the same subject line in every mail as that will divert customer’s attention. Refine your message the next time you send it to your client.

5. Mobile-Friendly:

The whole world is going mobile and so it’s important to check whether you have optimized your mails for mobile. You might have sent a valuable mail to your client but because of not being optimized for mobile site; it’s not working on your client’s smartphone. What’s the use? Create responsive content, clear design and effective call to action.

Review your email marketing strategy so that you can improve faster. If needed, ensure you incorporate new methodologies. Try to improve customer loyalty by preparing effective strategy. If you are willing to perk-up your email marketing strategy, consulting with a WSI Expert will help you with better suggestions.

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