5 Key Steps to Successfully Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Published On: March 2, 2015Categories: Responsive Web Design, Web Design

Marketing trends may come and go but winners choose to stick to the trends which help them stay ahead of the competition. Competitive research is one such digital marketing trend that helps you win in the long run.

Every successful business strives hard to understand its customers. And much before customers, it understands the most successful competitors.

Understanding competitors can help you see the changes you need to bring in to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Remember, every advantage counts and can take your business to new highs of success. However, it’s not an easy task; it takes extensive research and stringent planning.

Competitive research plays a vital role in digital marketing. It’s one of the best ways to improve your digital marketing performance that shows you how well you stack up against your competition in the market. If you can identify what the competitors are doing, you can definitely obtain huge data that you need for self-improvement and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

Do you know what key areas you should focus on? Let’s take a moment and review each of them.

Improved Search Engine Visibility

The first step is to identify your online competitors. Knowing who has achieved the best search engine visibility and who has a strong presence on third party websites would be extremely helpful while planning your strategy for improved visibility on major search engines.

Top Performing AdWords in Google

AdWords are paid for. It’s thus clear that your competitors who regularly show up in the top ad positions on search engines are paying for their keywords. With the knowledge and expertise available to them, they gain a competitive advantage over others. Having top performing AdWords in Google can have a positive impact on the return on investment. Consistent top PPC ad positions indicate positive cost per acquisition; ultimately higher ROI.

Top Performing Keywords

It’s critical to know what keywords your competitors are using in organic search and paid ads. Once you have this information, you can prepare a list of top keywords to target and perform on.

Best Performing Content

Now this is where you have to start digging a bit deeper. It’s truly said that “Content is king” and it’s followed by a turnkey content marketing strategy. Based on your list of effective keywords, you can create the highest quality content and plan your own content marketing strategy. To guide your content creation objectives, the next important task is to plan what content to make visible where.

Social Media Engagement

Social media channels are one of the best things the Internet offers. If you make the most out of them, nothing could be better than it. Start researching where your competitors are most active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest). Try to understand what kind of content is getting popular among social media users and what your target audiences want to hear from you.

Once equipped with all this information, you can certainly gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. And to maintain it in the long run, it’s critical to monitor your own performance and keep improving to reach the bottom line.

It’s high time to reconsider digital marketing – not as an expense but as a fantastic opportunity to boost the bottom line of your business. If you would like to use competitive research in your business industry, get in touch with Vidushi Infotech today. For a no-obligation consultation regarding your business’s online marketing requirements, call us – +91 020 41315176.

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