Vidushi Infotech covers the entire process, from conceptualization to implementation to ongoing management, for your applications. The company takes the reins throughout the whole mobile app development process, from initial conception and design to final release and continuing maintenance and support, regardless of whether the app is aimed at consumers or large businesses. The goal of mobile app development is to create applications for iOS and Android that may either supplement existing web-based tools or serve as a replacement for them.

The assistance that Vidushi can provide


iPhone App Development

By creating intuitive iPhone applications, we can give these devices extraordinary practical capabilities. Regardless of the intricacy of your sector, you can rely on our extensive knowledge of iOS app development to create a beautiful, engaging, and consistent app. Whether you need iPhone app development services or want to create an app that is compatible with all Apple devices, our skilled iOS app developers are here to assist you every step of the way.

iPad APP Development

Our iPad apps combine our designers’ and developers’ expertise with a clean, beautiful user interface and efficient code. Our app solutions are designed to be both highly functional and easy to use for the end user, making iOS the right platform for this perfect storm of Apptitude.

Android APP Development

We have the expertise in-house to fully use Android’s advanced features and provide solid android app development services. Vidushi Infotech is well-known for its high-quality Android app development services in the dynamic Android market. In our efforts to satisfy the varying requirements of our respectable clientele, we have expanded into a one-stop shop for all things related to app development. We have improved many corporate and enterprise Android apps through their development and deployment.


Cross Platform App Development

Vidushi has been providing complete cross-platform software solutions for a variety of industries for quite some time now, making use of the knowledge and experience gained through its many years in business. We have the best cross platform mobile app development team, delivering quality apps for all the leading mobile operating systems like Blackberry OS, i OS, Android and Windows phone.

Why Vidushi for Mobile App Development Services

Located in India, Vidushi Infotech boasts a global clientele base and offers state-of-the-art mobile app development services to over 80 countries. The designers, android developers, and iOS developers on our team are all experts at using the latest tools and techniques, and they use cutting-edge methods and approaches to create innovative apps.

  • Highly capable, experienced resources in Native and Cross Platforms
  • End-to-end mobile application development
  • Latest technology using Kotlin and Java with Swift, Obj C and latest operating systems
  • iOT based knowledge in App Development
  • Exposure to the latest React based App Development
  • Professional Support and Maintenance
  • Competitive pricing and skilled team to handle any custom requirement
  • Primary focus on improving your sales and business growth
  • Expertise in working on varied business verticals, be it eCommerce, Medical and Healthcare, Business and Customer Service, Transportation and Logistics, Cargo Tracking, Membership Apps etc.


Vidushi Infotech promises to deliver cutting edge mobile app development services serving clients in more than 80 countries.
Our Achievement in Mobile Industry Efficient in the realm of app development, we’ve consistently become the only choice of clients for all type of iOS / iPhone app development services. Our team endeavors to focus on quality along with on-time delivery of projects. We help our clients and customers to grow their business, with the help of goal-oriented services
Cost is purely a requirement specific entity. You can trust our Business Analysts, who have an eagle’s eye to interpret the simple or custom requirement and convert it to the required objective and meet the right conversion aspect. Hence be rest assured with our client centric and win-win budget.
Sure. We always prefer to deploy a dedicated team in the form of Business Analyst, PM, Development/API Developers and Mob App resources inc Quality team to assure a quality App product.
Minimum 3 months for basic requirement, to more than 9 months or a year – based on the custom requirement.
We ensure the transparency by providing you with the access to all project development aspect that include : project documentation, project roadmap, team reports. In addition, you can directly communicate wit each team member during the application development process.
Our coding standards, the process is well equipped and aligned with the iOS and Android Store security policies.
Hence this has been taken care from the core.
Yes. Absolutely. As a company, we are well-known for delivering comprehensive solutions. We’ll be there for you from the first idea to long after the development has been made to offer assistance and make sure your app continues to run well.
Vidushi Infotech offers

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Cross Platform App Development
We assign a skilled manager to each mobile app development project they take on. During business hours, he functions as a single point of contact for our clients, keeping them apprised of the status of their projects via Skype, email, and phone.
You should consider investing in mobile app development if you haven’t already since, above all else, mobile apps serve as the best-in-class marketing tool. Apps for mobile devices demonstrate the superiority of digital marketing over more conventional methods (such as printed pamphlets and brochures) and inspire business owners to make the switch. The mobile app is the most effective, efficient, and rapid way for businesses to introduce new products, run promotions, etc. Through the mobile development service you can boost the branding, improve customer service experience.