5 Types of Content Marketing to Boost Results in 2022

Published On: August 16, 2022Categories: Content Format, Content Marketing, Content Types, Types of Content Marketing

The 5 Most Effective Content Types in 2022. You Should not Ignore. Check these different types of content, formats, an area that work best in your content strategy!

How many times has it occurred to you that this content is worth reading? Usually, strategic content formats that we see on social media platforms are well-planned by a marketing agency or marketing specialist in such a way that it attracts you into reading, viewing, or listening. A content marketing service is all about using these strategies to attract, engage and retain your audience by making and sharing valuable content like blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, and other media. These types of content marketing strategies need expertise in promoting a brand and keeping your audience hooked to what you sell. This is a great strategy that has helped many people and now we will reveal it to you. Read more to know the different types of content, formats, an area that work best, and the importance of content marketing strategies!


Podcasts have become a part of many American users where 1 in 5 have made it in their daily usage. From Michelle Obama to Barack Obama, the highest personalities have shared their experiences through podcasts. In today’s time, it has become one of the greatest content marketing formats for marketers where 63% of listeners have purchased a thing the host promoted there. People love to listen to quality podcast content while they are at work, on long commutes, or working out at the gym. 88% of podcast listeners that have subscribed to your content listen on entirely. Storytelling is one of the best ways you can connect with your audience and since everyone can’t read blogs while working, they surely can listen to your podcasts. This way you engage with your audience through compelling content that interests your listeners.


Anything in the visual format looks pleasing and interesting to your audience. Video content has flooded social media platforms these days. From Instagram reels, and Facebook feeds to basic explainer ads or shorts, video content is easy to grab your audience’s attention, build brand awareness, and be ready to draw your audience into looking through your products. You can use these content marketing formats on your site, social media platforms, emails, and YouTube. Embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%.


Ebooks are quite popular forms of content formats that help you to generate leads, educate other readers and prospects, and gain trust in the industry. But they do take their own time to become a reality, so you need to be 100% sure in choosing your topic that lets your prospect engage to further go for downloading and having a better conversation with members of your sales team. You can use any of these best content marketing for your business.


Blogging is still believed to be one of the oldest and best types of content marketing. It is a good way to showcase your leadership skills in your field while providing your readers with valuable information. Excellent content categories are known to provide you with quality work. A person can have some of the best bogging options to consider including, guest posts, LinkedIn, medium, internal, contributing posts, and more. You have personal blogs by many experts who use these content formats to connect with their readers. These kinds of content marketing tools have been here ever since the internet was available to people. It is still readily available and one of the best content marketing types for readers.


While video content is known to be the best content marketing strategy used by experts, infographics is another content type that draws attention. With interesting imagery, your audience can’t help but fall for it and that has worked wonders for businesses around the world. These types of content marketing might look boring at first, but it has some great depth into it. Infographics are great for thought leadership, in which you can explain any form of lengthy stuff in easy-to-understand language. If you get to know the importance of content marketing forms that lets you drive more sales, then you have already won the game.

Wrap Up:

There are some content marketing formats where it depends on your business and the product that you want your audience to engage with. By using good use of text, the user becomes more drawn to your product. Infographics have worked amazingly well in content categories. Start using your favorite types of content marketing and make eye-catching ones with the help of a good marketer. They are liked and shared, more likely to be read, and the medium cost to reach for one person was 0.04$ lower than a blog post.

This was all in the type of content marketing blog, where you must see which is going to work best for your organization. Blog posts, videos, Snapchat, infographics, podcasts, or lead generation, there are many content categories from which you must decide your best. While all these different types of content> might be time-consuming to select, it is best to use a combination that works for you.

Remember that content marketing is an ever-changing field and what relates to you might not work for others. Always change your strategy and be at the top of your competitors. For any help regarding content planning, marketing, development, and designing, contact us today!

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