Digital Marketing Service

If you’re looking for a top digital marketing agency in Pune, India, look no further than Vidushi Infotech. We’re experts in every facet of the digital realm, and our years of experience have given us the ability to develop a laser-like focus on our work; as a result, we’re able to quickly identify promising digital opportunities and help our clients use them to solve even the most difficult business challenges.

We have extensive experience responding to changes in search engines’ algorithms and update schedules. Raising brand recognition and making products and services available on numerous social media platforms (such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and so on) is a key part of any successful online marketing plan.



Online Reputation Management

Reviews and other forms of public feedback may make or destroy your internet reputation and, by extension, your business.

With the support of our internet marketing team, you may boost your brand’s image and see increased profits. To help you streamline your ORM processes and gather more favourable evaluations, our team uses cutting-edge online reputation management tools.


Search Engine Optimization

We can improve your organic ranks and exposure in search results through detailed keyword analysis and best SEO strategies.

Our digital marketing firm will analyses your competitors, do on- and off-site optimization, and monitor your progress with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. As part of our digital marketing solutions, we utilize these methods to boost your conversions while attracting qualified leads. We have been in the business since 2007 and we have worked for the most challenging campaigns both on national and global scale.


Search Engine Marketing

SEM, or search engine marketing, is the practice wherein a company promotes its products through user queries on search engines like Google. To improve your company’s visibility in SERPs, hire Vidushi Infotech’s SEM services.

Customers are turning to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to locate organisations that can provide for their specific requirements. Advertisements you run through Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) program will appear when users conduct a search for keywords related to the goods and services you provide.

One of the most effective lead generating services is pay-per-click advertising since it allows firms to zero in on the most qualified leads. Conversion rates will naturally rise in tandem with the quality of your website’s visitor pool. Using Google Ads and other paid search strategies improves the standard and efficiency of your online advertising.

When it comes to providing our clients with a reliable foundation upon which to build and an uninterrupted flow of new features and improvements, we choose to partner with the most prominent platforms. Improve your company’s visibility online, your website’s traffic, and your sales with our managed SEM services.


Social Media Marketing

So, you already have a social media presence, but you’d like to increase click-throughs to your website? The fact is that many companies have social media accounts but are still missing out on the benefits of well-placed social media advertisements.

You can count on Vidushi Infotech to help you define your objectives, analyze the performance of your competitors, and gauge the online habits of your target audience. We create unique approaches to social media brand management and paid advertising for your company based on data and analytics


Display Advertising

Display Advertising is the cost-effective way to achieve big results. Vidushi Infotech will design and promote banners and adverts for your company over the web.
We want to be the engine that powers your digital marketing initiative.

We have successfully overseen profitable Google Display Network advertising campaigns. Our services ensure that your commercials, logos, products, and images have an impact on the web with the help of relevant online content. Our services are not only reliable but are highly cost-effective. Vidushi’s aim is to serve clients, but within budget.


Web Analytics

If you want more from your digital marketing strategies, Vidushi Infotech’s web analytics services can help you get it. Suitable data, Insightful Analysis & uninterrupted optimization is what we closely focus on.

To achieve success, our team of trained and professional digital marketers uses a wide variety of online analytics technologies. To ensure the smooth sailing of your web analytics project, Vidushi Infotech is a solution-based business that provides consultative services.


Google Penalty Recovery

Is your site suffering from the outcome of a Google algorithm change that severely reduced your site’s ranking and performance? Vidushi Infotech’s Google Penalty Assessment is a great means for getting websites back on track and regaining lost search engine rankings.

Experts in digital marketing at Vidushi Infotech follow a tried and true three-stage process that entails correct diagnosis, analysis, and restoration. Expert in the most up-to-date methods, we provide services for eliminating penalties and cleaning up existing ones. The goal of our Google Penalty Recovery service is to restore your website’s visibility by regaining the rankings you had before it was penalized.


Content Marketing Services

The content you provide on your website is very important because it is the basis of your SEO and the main reason why many people visit your website. You can rely on the quality of the content we produce.

To guarantee we meet Google’s criteria when creating content, our specialists in this area keep up with current events and industry trends. We craft attention-grabbing headlines, use effective keywords, include relevant images, and format your pieces for maximum readability. As a leading content development company in India, Vidushi Infotech offers vast platter of SEO optimized content writing services, mapping your way to online success in a short span of time. We firmly believe that unique and quality content plays a major role in website promotion.


  • Our digital marketing experts have 20 years of experience and can provide you with a wide variety of digital marketing packages. In addition to providing our comprehensive suite of services, our team of professionals also monitors the newest innovations in digital marketing.
  • The major goal of our services is to assist businesses in retaining a larger percentage of their current clientele and expanding their potential for new conversions.
  • You’ll optimize your marketing expenditures. To ensure that your campaigns are always performing at their best, we keep meticulous records of everything we do.
  • An SEO analyst, web developer, PPC expert, and skilled website author are all part of the entire support team that comes with your dedicated account manager.


One of digital marketing’s primary functions is to increase your ROI. When compared to more conventional forms of advertising, the ROI on online marketing is staggering (ROI). The effects of digital marketing on your company are substantial and beneficial.
As a top digital marketing agency, we’ve worked with many different companies and delivered excellent results for them all. Our team is knowledgeable and results-oriented, so you can count on us to give you the precise advantages you need to expand.
We make sure we have a complete understanding of the project’s parameters, so we can properly match needs to tasks, divide up available resources, and handle any necessary shifts.
We’ll send you a report detailing the progress of your project along with relevant data, metrics, and results.
Because we all share the same values and follow the same procedures, our team can provide 100% honesty and openness. We work on clients own account whether it is GA, Adwords So that any point of time client can view statistics Dashboards.
We make use of the Fixed Time pattern and dedicated resource model in our office.
We have been working in this industry for almost a span, and our professionals have even more expertise than that.
It depends on the kind of business you have and the target audience you are targeting. As a digital marketing agency, it is important to know the type of business you have and how to proceed to other channels for generating leads.
This depends on the kind of service you have opted for.
We make use of emails, teams, and skype apps for communication and build different visual reporting formats using analytics tools.
We provide you with search engine optimization, e-commerce SEO, GA4, SEM/PPC, and social media marketing.
Many domestic and international businesses have benefitted from our digital marketing services. We have worked with clients in the health and beauty sector as well as those in the astrological, technology, and security sectors through our digital marketing services.