All About Optimizing M-Commerce Site for Better Search Results

Published On: July 11, 2016Categories: Mobile Search

It was in the year 2015 when Google declared that, it was for the first time ever that Google is witnessing so much searches taking place worldwide on mobile devices. The growth of mobile devices has become undeniable. The steady shift towards mobile over the past few yearssignifies that online retailers should think more about m-commerce.

What is M-Commerce?

M-commerce is the term used to define retail transactions that takes place only on mobile devices and retailers are aware of the importance of having a dedicated and optimized mobile presence in order to attract these transactions to their site.

But are you confident enough that your m-commerce site is as visible as possible to the searchers? Here are a few steps that need to be followed to ensure your m-commerce site is optimized well for search.

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly site is utmost important in today’s mobile age. It’s obvious that if your website is properly optimized for mobile, customers will definitely have a better experience and they will likely to convert and complete a transaction instead of abandoning the process.

As you all know that Google ranks sites that are mobile optimized at the top of the search results, marking them with a mobile-friendly label. This helps users understand that visiting such sites will help them have a better experience.

Therefore, improving the search ranking of m-commerce site, mobile optimization is must. But how to ensure whether your site is mobile-responsive or not? For that, your site needs to pass all the Google tests to get that mobile-certification in search.

Incorporate App Indexing and Deep Linking

It’s not that you need to have an app to acquire the best mobile presence for your retail business. But, building an m-commerce app which you think will be suitable for your business, deep linking and app indexing will provide competitive advantage in search. App indexing has always been a great way to promote your brand, but only a few are making use of it.

Think Mobile

When designing and optimizing a site for mobile devices, it is better to think mobile. Think the way you search, browse and shop on mobile; it’s not the same way you follow while operating a desktop. Understanding the needs of a mobile user will help you get a feel for how the mobile search queries can differ from desktop queries. This will help you cater to them with your site.

Google has declared that they are developing a different site index to help users to better answer queries on mobile devices. The better you optimize for mobile now, the more advantage you will enjoy with visibility.

Speed up your Site

One of the biggest issues that affect mobile audience’s interest is site speed. Google recognize this issue, which is why it has revealed that the next mobile-friendly update will include page speed as a ranking factor.

Study says that 40% of web users will avoid a page if it takes more than three seconds to load. So, the loading speed of your m-commerce site has a real impact on your bottom line and also on your SEO.

Implementing the above steps will definitely help your site reach mobile users. Before you start with planning your strategy while optimizing a site, ensure you prepare a list that includes these above mentioned points.

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