Effective Strategies for PPC Marketing Campaign

Published On: July 25, 2013Categories: PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a method through which you can advertise your product by paying a certain amount of money, thereby notifying them to the attention of the people around the globe. There are two ways by which you can pay for the clicks; one is bidding for a particular keyword and other by paying a flat fees for advertising space on different websites.PPC is an important form of digital marketing strategies leading to drive more traffic for your websites. As per the recent survey, it was concluded that various companies have invested a considerable proportion of their online budget in PPC (Pay Per Click). Let’s have a look at essential elements of PPC Marketing. &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Elements of PPC Marketing

  • 1. Keyword Research: It forms the foundation of your business campaign. Keyword research should be performed keeping the audience in mind. Use Google Keyword Tool to identify the keyword, thereby targeting your PPC campaign. Make sure that the keyword research is performed correctly; otherwise it will create a negative impact on your business campaign.
  • 2. Well crafted Ad Copy: Focus the design of the ad copy; make it attractive and eye-catching to target the potential buyer’s attention effectively. The ultimate aim is purchase of products via clicks.
  • 3. Practice A/B Ad Testing: The main purpose of A/B Ad Testing tool is for comparing between different ads that results into increasing the conversion rate of your website.
  • 4. BID Management: It relates to the monitor the overall activities that further helps to deliver reliable and consistent cost per acquisition.
  • 5. Relevance of landing Page Content: The quality of your landing page is an significant factor that converts the reader to visit the page again. Landing page content also plays an essential role in knowing how your ads are positioned in the search listing.
  • 6. Hone your Call to Action: Promise the reader with more information or an offer that the reader cannot deny and get compelled to click on the ads.. For example, “View a Demo”, “Call Us”, “Buy Here”, “ Click here to sign up”, “Register Now”,and so on. Remember to fulfil the promise of the ads, otherwise the readers will quickly bounce off.
  • 7. Result Measurement: It is essential to measure your progress for a successful business campaign. Monitoring page search activities will help to improve your campaign and get better results.

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