Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing or SEM refers to the methodology by which a business utilizes search engines like Google to advertise to users. Vidushi Infotech’s search engine marketing services help your business gain exposure in search engine results.

We prefer to work with leading platforms to provide clients with a secure stream of innovation and a trustworthy basis for future growth. With our managed search engine marketing, you can increase brand awareness, traffic to your website, and conversions.

Keyword Research

we perform keyword research to ensure we are aiming the right terms for you. We also focus on right search phrases that will convert into business.

Local SEO

with 7% results including map listing on Google, we ensure our approach covers all angles to acquire positive results.

Competitor Analysis

This assessment is performed to find strength and weakness of the competitors.

Link Building

Link building is done for online marketing purpose. These days, link building includes content, PR, and outreach.

Why Choose us?

Certified Team

Our certified experts check with your campaign’s performance and make adjustment for better results.


Our SEM services delivers calculable results so that you can track anytime. Person responsible for managing the project keep the clients updated about the status.

Patented Technology

Your campaign is evaluated automatically to ensure the ads reach as many customers as possible.

Extensive Ad Network

Our program will ensure the business gets displayed where people are searching like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.


Here you can track our record of delivering quality search engine marketing services!

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