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We become your reliable partner for SEM services. Our marketing experts put all their effort into giving you excellent results. With the help of relevant targeted different ad platforms and marketing professionals in our search engine marketing services, we run your ads in the potential industry to attract the maximum number of leads in a minimum frame of time. As a search engine marketing company, SEM doesn’t only need to involve the keywords but developing a complete process to optimize each campaign part for better results is a must.

For any ads, identifying the goal of the business is key to getting the target audience. Hence, we make use of proper keywords significant to your product. We set a goal, use paid ad platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon for your ads, and then choose the right campaign strategy to get more sales.
We perform keyword selection and make use of short to long-tail keywords to target the right audience that would be interested in your product. We also plan on budget defining and bid strategy by taking in all the factors like choice of platform, type of ad, goal, and budget for better ad delivery.
We take into action the latest designs that are responsive and attract the target audience. We create ad copies, write catchy ad content, do complete A/B testing ads, and check the ad relevancy to provide engaging ads that boost the revenue stream of your business.
We run thorough checking on CTR and look up the ad’s campaign performance to see whether the ad is effectively working or not. We keep calculations of every budget spent on these ads, and with careful monitoring, we also add negative keywords and check on how many ROAS happened in our reports.
We track leads and have proper reports on our budget spent for every ad. We also measure the CTR rate and take notice of the best-performing campaign/ad group or ad for your business. We ensure to run ads that work well and change the format or strategies in a better way for an ad that doesn’t work well for your business.

As a PPC agency, we keep track of the latest advancements in the SEM field and make any improvements depending on the changes. Get better positioning and make your business grow even better when you use our service. We attract a larger audience by implementing the following in a successful PPC campaign.

We use only the best tools needed for your business. Our mentioned above techniques have helped in curating a well-creative ad that has attracted many customers. We not only create ads but make them extra appealing and worthwhile for your target audience. You will get the best ROIs when enrolling in any of the search engine marketing solutions. Having a deep knowledge and understanding, we build ads that work and improve your business. If in doubt, don’t search up on the internet, know which PPC agency fulfills your dreams.

Vidushi Search Engine Marketing Services


Google Ads

Grow your business with our Google AdWords services.

Our team of experts does thorough research to help your ad get noticed by targeted niche customers, get more leads, and build a brand with different campaigns.


Shopping Ads

Having better shopping ads for your business is very important.

 When experience and knowledge get combined, we build the best strategy and ads for your product that drives more sales to your business. As a PPC agency, we get the right bids to target niche customers.


Discovery Ads

As a paid ads services agency,

we create discovery ads that are visually appealing and show up in Google’s feeds like Gmail, Google & YouTube app. Our ads reach maximum audiences when they are ready to find some new products.


Bing Ads

Being the best search engine marketing company, our team of creative designers, web developers, and PPC experts, create the best ads for you.

 These ads carry your brand’s message, products, and services. With Bing ads, you can reach more audiences on Bing. Our display ads get a lot of attention due to the updated current knowledge about Bing ads and the use of tools to create related ads specific to generate a better conversion rate.


Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads can quickly take your product to the first page where legit buyers can see your products.

 Hence, taking the help of our search engine marketing expert who knows which ads work best for your product can benefit you. Get more sales by targeting your audience on Amazon platforms where millions of users are ready to buy products. Take the help of our sporty team and get your business featured on Amazon ads for better leads, conversions, target customers, and results.


Local Business Ads

Don’t wait, get started on local business ads now! Target your nearby local audience for your local business locations.

 Take full advantage of our search engine marketing services and build your business. Get better results on ROI while we work on creating local business ads for you and engaging with customers.


Search Engine Marketing Services provides you with great quality ads needed to build your business. Target customers and get better results for your business through our highly advanced team of professionals and innovative measures to build your brand.

Certified Team of Experts
Intrusive research goes on hiring the best search engine marketer, we as a pay-per-click company have years of knowledge in the game and know what it takes to build a brand online. Grow significant revenue with our assistance.

Offers You a Range of Solutions
We provide you with affordable AdWords services to increase your visibility on the search results and to help you gain new customers. Our strategy is new, innovative, and involves modern touch. We keep your business updated with the latest challenges in the market and give you solutions for making your brand easily recognized.


Transparency & Well-Curated Ad Network
Our calculative approach to your business gives you an opportunity to track, analyze and maintain detailed reports. learn and gain insights about the method in our ppc services. We believe in keeping complete transparency and letting you know where your ads are displayed, shown, and performed.

For a search engine marketing services, To make the maximum out of your brand, you need to ensure you are getting the best outcome from your agency. As a firm with vast knowledge of Search Engine Marketing, we know what it takes to plan, build, and maintain a business. If you want to grow your business with the best agency, we are here to help. Just call us or send us an email and we will get back to you with our search engine marketing services. Trust a fully certified professional if you are looking for SEM services.


The average cost of the campaign depends on the campaign type and the number of leads you want in a month.
Vidushi has a team of experts who knows how, and which ads perform better for your business and generate more leads, conversions, engagement, and traffic.
Yes! You can get a dedicated team for PPC services or projects.
You can track the progress of all campaign KPIs through our customized weekly or monthly performance reports.
Yes! We use Fixed Time and Dedicated Resource price for all the services.
We specialize in Bing Ads, Google Ads, local Ads, Remarketing search ads and other pay per click services.
It depends on the type of business you have.
We have done Google, Facebook, Amazon, Display, Shopping, Local Business, Discovery and many more campaigns.

Quick Tip Do’s & Don’ts

Whenever reaching out to any search engine marketing services agency, keep in mind to always ask for detailed information in reports. The following are some of the quick dos and don’ts you can follow to improve SEM.


  • Create high-quality content for your ads
  • Include Geo-targeted or local Pay Per Click


  • Don’t add many keywords
  • Don’t put phone numbers