Facebook Reveals Four New Ad Formats for Mobile Users

Published On: June 29, 2016Categories: Social Media Marketing

Despite the glittering ambiance of Cannes, Facebook made several announcements for the mobile users. The social platform surprised everyone when it revealed about four new ad formats for the mobile users at Cannes, this week. We are here to discuss about those recent ad formats and their usage. Continue reading…

The Creative Hub

Creative Hub has been designed with the purpose of helping users to sample different features and tools, and most importantly; work together and experiment. This is basically created with a simple interface and a guide to Instagram and Facebook ad formats in mind.

There is a collaborative section for the marketers to preview, showcase and evaluate their effort. Options are also available so that users can create as well as preview mocks on mobile devices and create preview URLs to share with stakeholders. This mobile ad format is created with proper guidance of several agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, McCann and Droga5. Creative Hub is on its way to testing and hopefully will be available to Facebook advertisers within a few months.

Audience Insights API

This soon to be launched ad format will give advertisers proper insights into the audience they are serving for. They will be doing so by using aggregated and anonymous demographics, topic data, psychographics and data from Facebook IQ. The feature is currently testing Mondelez and Anheusar-Buschin Bey in Beta. Expectedly, the feature will be available early next year.

Upgrading Canvas

Last year in Cannes, Facebook announced its Canvas ads; resulting in immersive mobile experience that loads 10 times faster than typical mobile sites. The product was launched in February and it was since then that people in more thn 180 countries spent their precious 52.5 million moments in viewing Canvas.

New updates will make it easier for the advertisers and marketers to create, design and share these ads. Canvas will have a brand new feed unit, designed to increase engagement. On the other hand, marketers will be having more detailed metrics.

Boosting up Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads allow businesses to create videos from several static images. They load much faster than those traditional videos. Instagram announced recently that its user base has surprisingly doubled over the past two years.

New features include the option to create slideshow ads from mobile devices and integration with Facebook pages. The platform has more than 500 million monthly active users. Consulting with a social media marketing expert may help you with more information and data regarding the new ad formats for mobile users.

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