Five Social Media Content Ideas for Excellent Customer Engagement

Published On: July 4, 2014Categories: Content Marketing, SMO, Social Media Marketing

With the proliferation of digital marketing world, a well-structured and developed content plan will keep audience engage and encourage them to return to the website. For effective social media, the primary goal is to generate high-quality and relevant content, engaging the prospective audience. It’s time to relinquish conventional marketing services and move-on with provocative, persuasive, and defensible methodologies to leave a mark in the market.
In today’s world, people are mostly connected through various devices (laptop, iPhone, iPad) via social media channels; therefore, it is not compulsory that you need to be a big brand to gain popularity. For expanding your online presence or website visibility, you need to prepare effective business strategies. One of the biggest social media marketing challenges is to produce unique and consistent piece of content to engage the audience.
Before embarking on a return on audience engagement strategy, let’s implement five social media content ideas to connect with the prospective audience, generating leads and building relationship & brand loyalty.

  • Educate the potential audience– The finest way to stretch your marketing strategies and produce high-quality content is to educate and motivate the potential audience. It will help to analyze your audience to discover information, establishing a common ground between you and the audience. By providing insight to your industry, you can build trust and demonstrate your expertise; thereby making better buying decisions.
  • Ask Questions– Give your audience a chance to ask questions, which will directly boost customer’s interaction. For example, what do you this about it? What’s your biggest challenge? and so on. This is one of the best practices to boost engagement, as people love to share their views via comments, likes, etc. You can also create polls, surveys & quizzes to generate collective response from the audience.
  • Repackage Content– A smartest trick to manage content is known as “Repackaging”. It includes representing the existing content in different forms (updating new content, changing the format, and spinning the information). Videos, Blogs, and Images prove to be an ideal solution to reach the potential customers. To provoke further discussions and engagements, it is recommended to add comments through social media post.
  • Incorporate Visuals– Visual content (images, info-graphics, & videos) is an effective content marketing strategies, driving traffic and user engagements. Visual Post acts as the “Face of your Brand”; therefore, it is essential to create an appealing content to engage your audience.
  • Make your Content Sharable– Go viral and enable sharing of content through social media channels. Increase your coverage through posting events and updates related to your business. Include a share button and make it user friendly for your friends and colleagues to post comment and share via social media channels.

In a nut shell, if you want to stay ahead of the crowd with social media activities, then create a content calendar, incorporating your ideas and scheduling the content plan on social media channels. If you would like to engage prospective customers through social media marketing, get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Consultant.

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