Get To Know About The Reasons Behind Your Facebook Ads Are Not Working!

Published On: July 26, 2016Categories: SMO

Brands prefer promoting their products and services on social platforms because that what helps them earn user’s trustworthiness and better ROI. Facebook is considered for being the most effective social channel delivering the best results. Some companies even have Facebook strategy in place.

A report found that only 9.4 percent of marketers can track revenue from social platform and Facebook tops the chart. The truth is, most of the companies are not capable enough of leveraging good results. If you are running Facebook ads and you haven’t seen better results- it’s time when you should work on it.

Here we have sum up a list that includes some of the minor reasons why your Facebook ads are not working. Check it out:

The Ads are Not Targeted

As Facebook clicks are expensive, its better you don’t waste your money by putting your ads in front of people who don’t care. There are two parts to targeting – targeting on a micro level and then creating offers and content for that level.

Next time when you run a Facebook ad, target by interest or life event. It would be better if you could match your copy to that specific interest or life event. This ensures that only prospective customers will be clicking.

You are not focusing on verifying Facebook numbers

It’s a known fact that many companies loses traffic and money because of fake likes and click counts that actually didn’t make any sense. This is when you realize the importance of third party verification when you are running an ad.

These are a few points that one should keep in mind when creating Facebook ads:

  • Drive fans to specific landing page so that you can record conversion events through Google Analytics
  • Make use of UTM parameters
  • When on WordPress, use Jetpack plug-in to see the amount of traffic Facebook is referring to your site

May be you are not using the Right format

Facebook ads offer plenty of ad formats so that if one doesn’t work, another might resonate with your audience. For example, you could try Page Like Ads, Website Conversions, Slideshow Ads, Offer claim ads, Canvas Ads and so on.

You Haven’t Focused On Retargeting

Retargeting is considered as a common and effective tactic used by the marketers to generate traffic. Adding a tracking pixel to your website, you can make sure that your display ads are seen by website visitors. This helps in targeting people who are already familiar with your brand as well as services, which shows that there is a higher chance for conversion.

Your Ads Might Not Feature Customers or Users

In most cases, your users are better at selling a product than a fancy ad. Factually, 85 percent of users trust content from other users. So, it is always a good idea to promote a customer testimonial video and see how it performs. Or you can simply organize a contest to target large number of audiences.

Make ads that people want to see

Companies are pushing multiple ads across multiple channels to target potential customers. This is one of the reasons why so many Facebook ads are ineffective. Usually, Facebook users are jaded and they often scroll right through ads without giving them a second chance.

When creating Facebook ads to promote your products or services, ensure to keep the above points in mind. This would help you avoid silly mistakes and will let you earn benefits from Facebook ads. You can make use of professional SMO services to promote your business.

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