Get To Know How To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

Published On: June 22, 2016Categories: Mobile Search

If you want your business to capture the lucrative mobile search market, it is necessary to optimize your website for mobile users as well. Mobile search is a constantly growing segment and it has its own rules and limitations. The rules are different than that of traditional desktop search.

But building a mobile-friendly website is not enough. Unless and until you infuse your marketing strategy with a mobile mindset, you will not achieve what you dreamt for.

Here are a few tips that you can incorporate when planning your marketing strategy for mobile users. Let’s get started:

Keep it Simple

The first step when creating a mobile site is determining what type of content to include. As mobile devices offer a restricted amount of space, it is essential to find out what type of information your visitors will be looking for. It’s better to avoid including non-essential content as much as possible.

Keep the Number of Pages to Minimum

Mobile web pages load slower than traditional web pages and thus it is better to keep the number of pages to a minimum. Users don’t have so much time to click several pages and so, keep the site layout as streamlined as possible.

Incorporate the Same Branding Elements

Though your mobile site is much more streamlined but it would be better to incorporate the essential and same branding elements as that will make users feel good. Users will feel like they are visiting an old friend; an important consideration for your loyal customers.

Avoid Flash or Java

The most obvious reason for not using Flash is that Apple products don’t support Flash. As iPhones make up 30 percent of the smartphone market, a large proportion of people may not be able to see the content. On the other hand, using Java can be a huge drag on load time.

Use Mobile Redirects

After your site is designed and ready to go, ensure you put redirects in place as that will determine when a visitor is using a mobile device and will redirect that person to the mobile version of the site.

Avoid Using Pop-Up Windows

Navigating between multiple tabs is really difficult on mobile devices and they can cause slow load times. When opening a new browser window, make sure you notify your users so that they can navigate back to the original page.

Embracing mobile mindset ensures that the entire customer journey is responsive, actionable and frictionless. As a marketer you will definitely want your consumers to easily find what they were looking for. This is the reason why you need to focus on optimizing a website for mobile users. Implementing the above strategies will definitely help you bring satisfactory mobile site solutions for your business.

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