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Published On: May 22, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

Google Renames the Webmaster Tools as “Google Search Console”; Highlights the Release of the New Search Analytics Report.
After several months of testing, Google has finally launched the new Search Analytics Report within Webmaster Tools that you must take a deep dive in. This new Search Analytics is interesting and does pretty much everything the older one did, along with a bonus of more data filtering options. Following this announcement, you can now make the most of your web traffic analysis. The new report, replacing the older one in next three months, would make it possible to break down your site’s search data and filter it in different ways; ultimately leading to more precise traffic analysis.

Webmaster offered a much useful tool – “Search Queries Report” that provides all the desired information such as how exactly your website appears on Google search results. However, the new Search Analytics Report offers you lots of more advantages.

If you’ve always wished to have a tool to compare traffic on desktop and mobile, or if you’ve often waited for a tool that could compare country-wise metrics, or may be a tool that compares web traffic in two or more different time frames, then this update certainly brings in a good news for you!

Why the Name “Google Search Console”?

With the intent of getting more number of users, Google announced the rebranding of Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console. While the former name highlights its usefulness only for webmasters, Google realizes the need to convince users that the tool is not meant only for webmasters. Webmasters is just one of the many segments of the user base and it’s equally beneficial for small/big business owners, publishers, marketers, SEO professionals, programmers, designers & developers, and hobbyists as well.

Google Search Console makes quite an inclusive name opening its arms for a wider user base.

With the new Search Console in hand, SEO professionals and website administrators can now dig deeper into their site traffic analysis and make important decisions about site performance. One can check individual web pages with the highest and lowest click-through-rate (CTR), which was not possible earlier.

Let’s see what else you can achieve with the new Analytics Report, being an SEO professional.

1 Check how often your site appears in search results
2 Know how search traffic changes over time
3 Moreover, discover what search queries show their site in results and where such queries are coming from
4 With the knowledge of SmartPhone queries, improve mobile targeting strategy
5 Filter and group the data date-wise, query-wise, country-wise, and device-wise to improve the overall site performance
Google would shortly be upgrading Webmaster Tools accounts of random user groups just to use and check the new Search Analytics report. So, if you login to your Google Webmaster Tools next time and find that Search Queries were removed, don’t panic! It simply means that you’re a part of that group and the search queries have been replaced by Search Analytics.

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