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Web Analytics Services

Make your marketing and business activities more efficient by getting a web analytics consultant for your business. Analytics plays an important role in checking and improving the overall performance of the website. Our services play a key role in helping your website get the needed improvements. Measuring your website has become an important aspect of today’s business world and if you find out that your website has issues then it is not going to attract visitors or turn your business into profits. As a web analytics agency, we have mastery in this aspect. We provide you with the following strategies:

Vidushi Web Analytics Services

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Business growth & Audience engagement

Traffic is important to drive more sales. Our team of professionals works religiously to help you secure the right amount of traffic to your website. As a web analytics agency, our motto is to provide your business with the highest quality leads by engaging with your target customers. Analytics for business revenue and audience growth is mostly focused on analyzing your audience behavior to your business and building the best strategy to get more out with the audience, narrow down the targeted audience, and drive leads.
To grow your business in this competitive market, we analyze users, study the targeted audience, check locations with high audience engagement, keep tracking of the most clicked webpage and services, and help to build a loyal audience with the help of remarketing.

Website authority growth

Boosting your website authority is a way to stand a chance on the first page of SERPs. With this, you grow your business and attract an audience for your product. Our team integrates the best tools and strategies when it comes to website authority growth. We track website authority and improve your website’s trust in google with constant checking on backlink profile analytics, content growth analytics, keyword ranking analytics, and overall website ranking. Our Website Analytics report is mostly focused on building website authority in google and tracking website trust to increase higher chances of the brand’s visibility.

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website Health and Optimization

The website’s better health helps in the effective growth of your business. Health and optimization are major pinnacles of SEO. We keep track of website health score analytics and remove errors, issues or programming fails that occur in the midway of building a responsive website for your brand. We clear out bugs that affect the performance and health of your website and make it easily loadable for your customers.


Having worked across 1000+ clients, we know how to implement various strategies to help to boost your business with different analytics tools. We are experienced in converting positive ROIs. Our web analytics services ensure you beat your competitors in the business market. We have helped many businesses gain speed at their project with our analytics master plan. With years of experience, we can not only grow your business but take it to the next level. Our secret sauce is enough to make you stay ahead in the market. With the use of different analytics tools, we can tell what exactly your business needs right now. Our effective team of experts manages your business from start to finish. Working with us can show you how a passionate team can change the whole business status.

We have over a decade of experience in handling different analytics tools like google analytics, search console, heatmaps, website error analytics tools, and more which makes it competitive and better at the digital game. Providing you with high-quality work makes us different from the others.

Customized Solutions
We understand your business needs and always strive to make it better for you. For this, we provide customized solutions because every business wants something different, and we let you have that.


Competitive Pricing
You don’t have to go anywhere as our pricing is decent and accurate to the work we deliver.

We are well-driven experts who are ready to take up new challenges that come across the way. We are motivated towards providing certified resources that help us to deliver up-to-the-mark and result-oriented solutions. 

Finding the right web analytics services can be hard sometimes. With so many already established firms giving the same kind of services, we believe in taking a step further and giving you proper business solutions. Your business needs our help, and we are not that far enough. Give us a call and we will be ready to help you turn your business into one of the biggest ventures. Our proper assistance will take care of your needs and work towards implementing the strategies that you have finalized. Stay upfront in the business market and take our service for growth. 


We make use of different tools depending on what type of business aspect you want to work on. The tools we like to use are google analytics, search console, heatmaps, Microsoft clarity, and other third-party analytics for all our operations.
You will get a report in which you will have your visitor’s data, user interaction with your website, growth in business revenue and website authority, growth in the targeted audience, website rankings, and more.
This service will help in improving your business, getting insights, knowing your customer, and more, building a target audience, and building a website.
It depends on the kind of business you have, the kind of needs you have, and the kind of package you want for the growth of your business.
We provide you with weekly reports where you can know your progress.
We have a Fixed time resource price model.
We have created analytics reports for several industries like Alwan Tour, The Mortgage Hunter, Sioux Rubber & Urethane, and more.
We have years of experience and with that, we are always up to date with the latest trends so that we implement the best techniques in your business.

Quick Tips

We understand what it takes to be successful and for that, we have compiled a few generic tips to help you find the right audience for your business. Follow these easy tips if you want to know more about web analytics.

  • Understand what is needed for your business
  • Know your website funnel
  • Use campaign tracking codes