Google Marketing Live 2023: New Generative AI Features for Google Ads and More

Published On: May 25, 2023Categories: Google Ads, Google Updates

Introduction: –

The Google Marketing Live 2023 event introduced a range of exciting new features that leverage generative AI to enhance the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns. These advancements aim to streamline the campaign creation process, provide advertisers with AI-generated suggestions and advice, and offer users a more engaging and personalized experience.

Google Ads: Conversational Experience & Automatically Created Assets: –

To address the feedback from advertisers regarding campaign complexity, Google Ads now features a user-friendly conversational interface powered by AI.

This interface analyzes landing pages and ads to generate relevant keywords, headlines, images, descriptions, and other creative assets for Google Ads campaigns.

Advertisers can easily review and modify these AI-driven suggestions before launching their campaigns.

Additionally, the introduction of automatically created assets (ACA) allows Search ads to adapt based on the context of user search queries.

This means that an ad for “skin care for dry sensitive skin” can be dynamically tailored to match the user’s specific search query. Google is also working on incorporating a digital assistant into Google Ads, providing advertisers with AI-generated ideas and advice, making campaign creation a more interactive and intelligent experience.

Generative AI & Performance Max: –

One of the key highlights of Google Marketing Live 2023 was the success of Performance Max, a campaign type that utilizes AI to drive business growth.

Advertisers using Performance Max reported a significant increase in conversions, averaging over 18% compared to 13% in the previous year, while maintaining a comparable cost per action.

To further enhance the creation and expansion of custom assets, Google has integrated generative AI into Performance Max. By analyzing your website, Google’s AI familiarizes itself with your brand and automatically populates your campaign with relevant text and other assets.

Moreover, Performance Max suggests unique images specifically generated for your brand, enabling broader reach across various inventory and formats.

The seamless and engaging user experience is further enhanced by the conversational interface within Google Ads, which ensures an interactive campaign creation process.

Ad Formats in Search Generative Experience (SGE): –

During the recent Google I/O event, Google announced upcoming generative AI capabilities for Search, aimed at making the service more intelligent and user-friendly.

These advancements provide businesses with increased opportunities to expand their reach and showcase their brands.

Ads will now be positioned above and below the new Search experience, integrated directly within AI-powered snapshot and conversational modes.

Over the next few months, Google plans to test new ad formats native to Search Generative Experience (SGE), utilizing generative AI to deliver relevant and high-quality ads tailored to each step of the search journey.

For example, a user researching “outdoor activities to do in Maui” and then refining the search to “activities for kids” and “surfing” may encounter a customized ad from a travel brand offering surfing lessons for kids. The ads will be clearly labeled as “Sponsored” to maintain transparency between advertisements and organic search results.

Product Studio Generative AI Features: –

Google’s data indicates that product listings with multiple images have seen a significant increase in impressions and clicks.

In response to this trend, Google introduced Product Studio with powerful generative AI features.

Integrated into Merchant Center Next, Product Studio assists merchants in creating unique and captivating product imagery. Merchant Center Next, a streamlined platform, enables businesses of all sizes to manage their product display on Google. With Product Studio’s generative AI capabilities, businesses can now easily create customized product imagery at no cost.

The Scene Generation feature employs a text-to-image AI model to generate lifestyle product imagery based on brief descriptions of desired scenes, eliminating the need for expensive photoshoots.

Additionally, the Remove Background feature allows advertisers to create distraction-free product imagery, while the Increase Resolution feature enhances image quality.

Later this year, Product Studio will be accessible in the United States via Merchant Center Next and the Google & YouTube Channel App on Shopify, providing merchants with powerful tools to improve their product visibility and attract more customers.

Merchant Center Next: –

Google aims to support the growth of smaller businesses by improving Merchant Center Next, a platform designed to establish an online presence.

One significant enhancement is the simplified process for setting up a product feed. Instead of manually inputting product details, Merchant Center Next can now automatically populate the product feed using detectable information from the merchant’s website.

This auto-fill function can be edited or deactivated, enabling faster product showcasing across Google.

Additionally, performance insights are being made more accessible and comprehensible by consolidating all insight reports into the Performance tab.

This consolidation allows merchants to review their top-selling products, identify competitors, and understand how shoppers interact with their local businesses on Search and Maps, all in one place.

For merchants operating both online and brick-and-mortar stores, Merchant Center Next provides a unified view of all products, simplifying product inventory management across channels. Moreover, merchants will receive insights on the benefits of rectifying product data errors to prioritize updates.

The rollout of Merchant Center Next has already begun for new users, and Google plans to gradually upgrade smaller businesses over the coming months, with a global rollout expected to be completed by 2024. Merchants will be notified when the new experience is ready for use.

Conclusion: –

Google Marketing Live 2023 brought forth an array of exciting new features powered by generative AI for Google Ads, Performance Max, and Product Studio. These advancements simplify campaign creation, improve ad relevance, and offer advertisers and merchants enhanced customization and scalability. From a user-friendly conversational interface in Google Ads to generative AI-driven assets, the future of digital advertising is becoming more interactive and intelligent. With AI-powered campaigns, businesses can drive growth and connect with their target audiences in a personalized and engaging manner. As Google continues to innovate, advertisers and merchants can look forward to leveraging the power of generative AI to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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