Impact of Videos on Digital Marketing in 2017

Published On: July 18, 2017Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing absolutely has gained immense popularity in last few years. Both large & medium – sized enterprises have tried making the most out of it. Creating online presence and promoting products and services using the power of internet has paid off for majority of them.

Well! Now the question arises that what we expect in 2017? How is 2017 going to be for digital marketing. What is going to shine and what is about to fade? Today, we would like to focus on increasing dominance of Video Ads, this is trending and its time we update ourselves. We all agree to the fact that, the online marketing genre is large, complex and volatile. The best strategy to win here, is to strike the right nerve as soon as you can.

So here we present to you top reasons that make use of video marketing inevitable. It certainly is useful and interesting, so stay tuned.

1: Boost Sales & Conversion
To begin with, videos have the capacity to get your business some serious money. Adding product or services in the form of a video either on the landing page or video site can incredibly make a difference to conversions by 80%.

2: Impressive ROI
To increase excitement & enthusiasm we share this figure with you. 76% of businesses testify that videos provide winning returns on investment. Well! We do agree that production of videos is not any easy or pocket friendly task, but trust us it has a strong ability to pay off well.

3: Google is fond of videos
Videos enable users to spend more time on the website. This extra time spent is very useful to build trust as well it is a great way of sending signals to Google about your site holding good content. This immensely increases your chances to show up first on Google. As we all know that now Google officially owns YouTube which is an add on advantage that can positively affect search engine rank.

Video advertisements is a concept not new for social media titans, like YouTube & Facebook, now we even hear that Google is entering the league with in-SERP video advertisements, this means there is a lot more scope for online advertisement coming our way, so stay tuned & updated.

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