Importance of Mobile Customers as the New Focus Group

Published On: May 23, 2017Categories: Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Search

With each and every passing year, the mobile app market is growing faster and there is no looking back to it. Few times back, our focus groups used to be the go-to-source for information and response. Today, things have changed and the rate of mobile users has exceeded that of desktop searches. With mobile customers, you can now have access to a perfect representation of your customer population. The sudden growth of mobile population is the reason why there emerged so many numbers of mobile apps in the marketplace. Marketers should include mobile marketing as their business strategy in order to succeed in this competitive market. Focus groups are useful as they give you an idea of how your brand resonates in the market as a whole. Let’s find out the crucial reasons behind focusing on mobile users as the new market place;

Mobile users are already Your Customers
It’s an obvious fact that your mobile users are already your customers. They understand your offerings better, as they’ve already experienced it. With mobile customers in mind, you can safely assume that your findings represent a larger customer base, and you are even aware of how often they use your app, features, etc. This means that you can infer their level of loyalty, as well. This is the reason why it is less likely your results will be biased and your searches will be easier to segment.

More Active
Customers are spending more time in mobile apps, as compared to desktop searches. If you survey or request for a feedback, that is accessible on mobile app, you are more likely to get a quicker response from a mobile user than someone who has to sit down at their desktop, log in and then start with the process.

Mobile Users Are More Engaged
Compared to desktop customers, mobile users are more engaging. According to a survey, time spent on mobile is 51 percent and 42 percent on desktop. According to majority of organisations, though they have more web-based customers, their mobile customers are way more engaged than their desktop customers.

Mobile Provides Implicit Data
On mobile, you have loads of implicit data stored about each and every customer you have dealt with. You know which device they use and how long they use your app. This means that you can ask your audience for exact explicit data when you need and expand those data as per your convenience. Progressively, you can ask them for more data and mix that with the behaviour and actions they take in the app, to create a complete customer profile.

Mobile Users are Open Books
With data analysis, you can check for how long a mobile customer has been using your app, how frequently they use it, which pages they visit the most, and much more. If you are in search of a right focus group data to create a particular campaign, your mobile app can draw an accurate picture of user behaviour and help you target the right focus group members. With some practice and proper tuning, your mobile customer group can help you with the information you need; which directly impact your business. You need to refine your feedback process and treat your customers like trusted advisers. For more details visit – Mobile Solution

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