Importance Of Organic Ranking And Social Share

Published On: September 22, 2016Categories: Uncategorized

Marketing today has a different persona. The electronic era chooses to gather information from the World Wide Web and yes the information is more relied on and helps users to make decisions. Businesses today depend upon the internet to see conversion rates. Content marketing seems to be the new face of marketing, and continues to be a paramount player in terms of earning handsome returns on investment.

Organic ranking an overview:

Organic ranking is nothing but search engine responses .It is the traffic that websites generate from free of cost sources like Google, Yahoo and Bing Search engines. Website Searches react in two different ways, (a) Organic Search results (b) Paid search results. Organic ranking basically are results that Web page listings showcase, to more closely match user search query and give relevant results basis the user commands. A high ranked organic result is what SEO is about.

Social Share at a glance:

Social Media has created a buzz in the marketing world.Infact businesses now have an independent department to cater to Social Media needs. Social Media plays an imperative role in the success story of a product or service. Hence importance to social shares cannot be neglect. Social shares are a simple concept, where content posted is viewed and shared by users. But an important aspect which many a times goes unnoticed is ENGAGEMENT , when users engage and connect with the content they view, there are better chances of they sharing the content in return increasing popularity, gaining stronger visibility.

Direct Relation between Organic Ranking and Social Shares a myth:

Relation is not always how we perceive it to be. There certainly is a relation between organic ranking and social shares; it yet remains controversial, that the amount of social shares a page gathers tends to portray a positive correlation with rankings. Point to be noted is Google doesn’t use the Social share counts straight away in its algorithm.

Hence Social shares are not directly proportional to organic ranking. Reasons backing it up are that organic ranking results of a website are more fruitful if it has a subsequent amount of Social Shares. Agreed but the number of shares depend upon how engaging the content uploaded is. Hence thoughtful content keeping the end user in mind and making sure that engaging content is created , which will suffice the entire chain of “Uploading content, getting the desired clicks, engaging users, probing them to share the content and ultimately earn higher organic ranking with better visibility.

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