Mobile app marketing strategies in 2024

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When you think about how to promote a mobile app, there is a requirement for the right mobile app marketing strategies and implementation in 2024-25, based on your user persona and your ideal customers.

In the process of promoting your business mobile application to get more reach and larger audience to make them app users by downloading through app play store it can only be possible by applying the right mobile app marketing strategies.

You have a chance to acquire an app downloading by social media, online paid advertisements, organic app store optimization, influencer marketing or continue daily basis email marketing based on brand awareness and relevant marketing campaigns.

Why Your business needs a mobile app and how it is useful

why are mobile applications important because it helps to enhance customer engagement, providing a personalized way for users to access products or services. It increases brand loyalty, and customer engagement, Offers a better user experience, and also increases mobile user base, ultimately boosting business revenue and visibility.

Mobile app usage statistics say that In the first quarter of 2023, users downloaded 27 billion apps from Google Play & 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day.

Implement this feature for mobile app marketing strategies in 2024.

Artificial Reality (AR):

augmented reality mobile app where you can find the integration of digital content, such as product images, videos, or 3D models which shows in real-time and most of the time, it is observed on such as smartphones, tablets, AR glasses, or heads-up displays.

You can find the artificial intelligence mobile app examples like Furniture Shopping  with AR, The app uses the advanced AR feature to make the virtual furniture appear realistic for the products in in terms of size, color, and texture. Artificial intelligence in mobile app development, mostly the e-commerce app platform gives this facility which allows users to make a purchase directly from the AR view.

The best example of the IKEA mobile app has a function on its app that enables this virtual arrangement to look for an IKEA sofa in their living rooms.

Virtual reality: (VR):

In the context of app marketing, virtual reality applications provides a compelling and memorable experiences that go beyond traditional promotional methods.

Example: Virtual Travel Experience App

Virtual Reality (VR) in mobile apps provides users with immersive and simulated environments. The virtual reality applications offers guided virtual tours of the particular destination, about the history, culture, and significance of the chosen landmark. As an  Mobile app marketing strategies Virtual Reality (VR) helps to increase mobile app downloads, subscriptions, or purchases.

App personalization:

According to Google, 90% of marketing experts say personalization significantly increases business profitability also Google says 89 % of U.S. marketers reported that personalization on their websites or apps resulted in an increase in revenue.

AI-based product recommendation mobile app systems help to find the trends in their previous browsing and old purchase history, preferences, and behavior. This AI-based generates personalized recommendations for each user.

As a mobile app marketing tactic, you can implement push notifications, personalized in-app recommendations, special offers for example discounts for high-interest products, and loyalty programs using mobile personalization application.

By using AI for content personalization, businesses can improve customer engagement, increase brand loyalty, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Voice Search Optimization:

Using the Voice search in mobile app marketing : Voice search optimization is the process of optimizing your app for voice search queries.

Get the benefits of voice search optimization which allow online consumers to search the online products using their voices. Optimise your mobile app for voice search for the customer-oriented content, relevant products, and services.

Through the voice search optimization user can search products in less time and better result in which he or she is interested. This feature help you gain clients to boost your revenue.

You can find more examples, Google Assistant provides the voice search results from Google Business Profiles, whereas Apple’s Siri uses Yelp.

Chatbot in mobile app user interaction:

In the mobile app marketing strategy implement the Chatbots for iOS and Android apps, automatize customer queries, and provide immediate customer support.

This feature helps to gain more engagement for the online user to show the exact result and find their technical solution. With Conversational AI, you can connect the user with your business support team agents for complicated questions and offer quick, 24/7 support.

Use E-commerce Chatbots, Customer Service Chatbots in your marketing goal such as lead generation, conversion, customer engagement.

Mobile app marketing strategies to increase app downloads organically

Mobile app marketing retention strategies in 2024

  1. App user retention:

    The app should be user-friendly with proper navigation and a visually appealing UI design. Keep your app up to date with the latest features and improvements which meets the user expectations.

    Increase the app user retention rate using tutorials, tips, or educational content within the app so users can refer to your app or maintain their presence on the app for daily uses. Showcase the testimonials or social proof of the user within the app.

  2. ASO:

    App store optimization (ASO) is the ongoing process of improving the app ranking & visibility of an app in an app store. ASO is one of the most important parts of the organic download and it should be part of your mobile app marketing strategy.

    The latest report shows that the Google Play Page View to Install Conversion rate has increased by 26.4%. There are 70% mobile user find app using search. Know more about app store optimization service here.

    Use organic ASO strategies in mobile app marketing plans like Keyword Optimization where relevant keywords are in the app title, description, and metadata. Manage the user reviews and prompt feedback.

  3. Brand story & product marketing:

    In 2024 for mobile app marketing, keep your branding consistently on online platform.

    Share the winning stories of your mobile app and product. Make user-generated content, and Increase product trust by publishing social proof, visually appealing content, data-driven stats of the installed app, customer testimonials, and more to tell compelling stories about your brand.

    There are many AI tools where you can generate more content and design and publish on online platform.

  4. Localization:

    Keep your Localization of Android apps which is the winning tactic for more user engagement and more downloads. Mobile app localization is the process of creating for different online mobile users who speak different languages or live in different countries, states, or cities. Localization is more Important for App Growth.

    Localization can also come with the imagery, colors, symbols, and even the overall marketing approach to align with the cultural preferences of a specific region, ultimately making the app more appealing and relatable to users in that particular market.

  5. Cross-Sell and Upsell:

    Apply these mobile marketing tips for cross-selling and upselling to promote your products using more customer engagement and increase the ROI. Show them the most reviewed or most sold products. Push notification or use in-app messaging to inform for the benefits using display testimonials for upsell. Also make relevant suggestions based on the user persona of your data.

  6. User Referral Programs:

    Engage or increase app downloads using app referral programs or affiliate programs for mobile apps.

    • Provide personalized referral codes or links to the user so he or she can refer app download links to others.
    • Update them on their progress, and encourage further participation.
    • Reward activity for the users for their first referral for additional incentives.

    In the year 2023, apps like Meesho, EarnKaro, Vision11, Hostinger – 20% commission, and Dropbox – Up to 32 GB per referral. Fiverr – Up to $100 per referral, They implemented referral programs to increase user and retention.

  7. Gamification:

    User can engage in quizzes, surveys, or games and earn exclusive offers or discounts.

  8. Target users via omnichannel marketing campaigns:

    Start to share more knowledge using mobile push notifications, email marketing, in-app messages, SMS, product recommendations.


Large product companies are trying to reach their business product using mobile app marketing through online and organic marketing strategies to grow more mobile downloads in year 2024-25 for their online business and they are putting the priority to show their product through the mobile app. 

Many mobile apps have Limited visibility and low user engagement poses challenges for app marketers. if you are also facing the same for acquiring more users, Our Mobile app development service employs targeted strategies, optimizing visibility through ASO, engaging users with compelling content, and utilizing data-driven insights to boost app performance for android, IOS and mobile devices.

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