Mobile App Promotion through Online Advertising Campaigns

Published On: October 23, 2014Categories: PPC

The Digital age has witnessed a massive variation with the ever-evolving mobile technology. Prospects connect with web through multiple devices at any time throughout the day; therefore it’s essential for business professionals/owners to prepare the best possible strategy to engage the online customers. That’s where mobile site & app kicks in, which allows clients/customers to discover new products or services in the marketplace. In fact, a well-designed mobile app can build long-term customer relationship diverting traffic to your website.

How to Promote your App and Drive App Downloads?

Mobile technology has observed some radical changes over the years to target the online customers. Of course, mobile app has made a huge difference, especially to B2C market, as it is getting bigger day-by-day. Now the question arises on how to promote your app? Let’s look at few pointers on how can you proceed further to get your app discovered and downloaded.

Create a campaign to advertise your app


Before creating an app campaign; give a thought about the advertising goals- whether you want to engage/re-engage audience with ads on specific mobile screen or display ads exclusively. Henceforth, select the type of campaign- Search Network Campaign, Display Network Campaign and AdWords for Video campaigns. At the end, check the availability of Ad formats – app install ads, app engagement ads, image app install ads and video app install ads.

Drive downloads for mobile app

Mobile app installs campaigns on the Search Networks, Display Networks and You Tube will enforce individuals to download your app which in-turn increase app installs. On the search network, you can display app install ads while individuals are searching for other app similar to yours. On Display Network, you can show app install ads while people are using other apps and on You Tube you can display video ads with some appealing content to grab the audience attention. To grab the attention of targeted audience, it is categorized into 3;

  • Display Ads– It helps to place the ads in locations relevant to the advertisers/users. It’s highly effective and attention gainer. The key benefits include find target audience, drive loyalty, boost search engine marketing, track your investment and measure the success of the campaign.
  • Text Ads– It is one of the simplest forms of the online ads which are divided into 3; a headline, a description and URL. It’s crucial to a high-performance PPC campaign. The key benefits associated with text ads include easy to create campaign, grab readers’ attention (read and click), and search engine friendly.
  • YouTube Ads– Video ads can be displayed on YouTube to attract the potential audience. YouTube ads can be displayed depending upon the target audience; who is watching your video, from where he/she is watching (location), and on what device; everything need to be traced. The key benefits of YouTube Ads include reinforce audience to select products/services, create effective video campaign, reach out to ideal customer and measure your success by tracking views, clicks, costs, and budget.
  • Encourage Audience to explore your app: Thousands of searches occur every second occur on Google, so how to encourage people/audience to use your apps? Here’s “Mobile app engagement” campaigns kicks in. It’s a powerful technique to reconnect with the current customers while displaying customized ads time and again. One of the core benefits of this campaign is that you can keep a track of the number of people using your app.

Track the Performance of the Campaign
Measure the campaign performance will help to count conversions for your mobile app campaign. For Androids, tracking can be automatically completed with the help of AdWords whereas for iOS app, you have to set the conversion tracking and count the number of downloads. Conversions campaign statistics will help to place the best possible bid to target the right audience at right time.

According to the recent statistics, more than 60% of the app has never been downloaded and 80% of the downloaded apps are abandoned within a month. So, getting your app discovered in the app store can be a challenging task. It’s a fact that most of the users refer to the top charts of the app store to find new apps, so if you are not ranked highly among the chart, then getting those apps discovered can be very quite difficult.


I hope that the above information on how to promote your app and drive app downloads will be productive for the online business owners. Since mobile technology will continue to grow, we will come up with more additional features in the near future. Stay tuned with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Consultant for latest news updates on mobile technology.

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