Outbound VS Inbound Marketing- Which Is Better?

Published On: May 22, 2020Categories: Content Marketing

Do you own a business and looking out for ways to stand out and catch the attention of customers? You need to choose the right and most effective marketing technique to gain customer attention. There’s a lot of competition due to the numerous marketing techniques available for every business.

There are two basic marketing approaches to choose from – inbound and outbound marketing. Are you thinking which one is better? To get the answer you need to explore both the approaches and find out their pros and cons.

Check out here what exactly is inbound and outbound marketing

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is also called permission marketing. In this marketing, marketers attempt to “pull” potential customers by providing engaging, entertaining, and educational content. Inbound marketing includes blogs, e-books, newsletters, videos, infographics and, social media. Using these content types, you can allow customers to find you to get answers to their questions or solve their problems.

If people find your content useful, they interact with it by reading and sharing that marks the brand with a positive impression. This kind of positive response from clients can influence later purchasing decisions. By publishing engaging content according to customers’ interests, you can increase inbound traffic that you can convert later on. These techniques of marketing are built to earn customer attention.

Why choose inbound marketing?

  • For brand awareness
  • It is cost-effective
  • Available for the customers at the right time

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is also known as traditional marketing. It uses “push” techniques, which means it is imposed upon a certain audience. It includes newspapers, TV, radio, magazines ads, and billboards. In this type, mass media is used to display your message to the maximum audience, of which a certain percentage are likely to become your customer.

Nowadays, outbound marketing can be used in digital formats as well. This includes display ads, emails, banners, spam messages, PPC, etc. Outbound marketing is different from inbound marketing because it does not consider the buyer’s journey and so it is less preferred than inbound marketing. But there are certain benefits of outbound marketing as well and still preferred for some businesses.

Why choose outbound marketing?

  • Shows faster return of investment
  • Easy to calculate
  • Personalized messages can be created

Inbound or outbound: Which one to choose for your business?

There are both pros and cons of inbound and outbound marketing. Ideally, you can use a mix of both approaches to reach the audience and get the desired results. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine the best strategy.

1.What are your marketing goals?

Are you creating a campaign to sell a product? Or build brand awareness? Or you want to drive traffic to your website? The aim of your marketing campaign can help you to determine the marketing strategy.

2.Who is your target customer?

You should know your ideal customers before creating a strategy. You must know who are the people who want to buy these products, what are their interests and when and how do they buy these products. Having an idea of customers can help you to design better strategies.

3.How will the strategy affect your brand?

Whatever strategy you use will affect your brand recognition. So, choose the right one and that will benefit to grow your business.

Inbound Vs Outbound: Which one is better?

Both, inbound and outbound strategies have advantages if implemented in the right way. But outbound marketing delivers short-term results while inbound marketing delivers long-term benefits. In inbound marketing, you can encourage potential customers to trust your content and services at their own pace without any pressure. This builds brand loyalty and your website continues to drive news leads over time. So, the majority of businesses use inbound marketing strategies for better performance.

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