Six Ways to Build Brand Authority with Content Marketing

Published On: January 7, 2022Categories: Content Marketing

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Brand authority can be described as a company’s earned trust; within your niche or industry, it’s the extent to which your brand is seen as a moderator or origin of expert information. Ongoing marketing measures are required to tell an authoritative story and build trust in potential customers. Marketing can always make a difference when a potential client decides between two companies. Brand authority is earned, not given, so you need to perform consistently and reliably to build it. Brand authority can significantly affect whether someone chooses to buy from you or not. Moreover, it is even more critical with B2B since products and services tend to involve a higher cost.

Are you wondering how a brand can begin to build brand authority with content marketing? Let us find out.

1. Answer questions your customers are looking for through content

When a potential client is looking for someone (brand) in a similar niche like you, they might be searching for a specific question that they want to be answered. For instance, if you are offering content marketing services, answering basic questions that your potential consumers are looking for, like ‘how digital services help my business,’ will not only help your business but the end-user too. You have made a connection that shows brand authority to your audience and all the significant search engines by utilizing your content marketing experience to anticipate and answer that question.

2. Highlight SMEs in your content

SMEs or Subject matter experts are topic-based specialists who are extensively experienced within a particular niche. So when you identify and leverage these SMEs in your content, it can help you gain a level of depth and understanding that lends your brand

  • Authority
  • Credibility
  • Authenticity

You can feature SMEs in your content directly with quotes or interviews, transforming their years of experience into actionable advice for your audience.

3. Calculate Your Brand Authority Level

It is never advisable to presume that you already understand how your audience views you. Instead, check the data to know how your brand/ firm are perceived before venturing into any marketing strategies. Below are a few questions you could consider to understand where you stand.

  • What search terms are people pairing with your brand?
  • Have your branded searches increased or decreased
  • How are your customers/leads finding out about your brand? Is it from authoritative interviews or the content you uploaded?
  • Is your brand ever mentioned in the media?
  • Who are the existing authorities in your niche? Are you aware of them all?

4. Develop case studies that demonstrate competence

While, it may be one thing to make suggestions and provide advice, and another thing entirely to show demonstrable results using those strategies. Case studies efficiently become precious testimonials if done right. That’s precise what case studies are for:

  • To illustrate how your products and services have helped your customer solve their issues and gotten satisfactory results.
  • To earn your target audience’s trust, you require demonstrating competence.

You could curate a detailed case study highlighting the customer’s problems and displaying how your organization has solved them, and this can show your audience that you understand their needs.

5. Work with the industry experts/ influencers you know to help boost your authority

One way to boost your brand authority instantly is by working with the right influencers in your industry. Vidushi Infotech- a leading Content Marketing Services provider can help you connect with authority figures in your network to collaborate on your content marketing efforts. With this, search engines will connect all the dots when you team up with someone who is already an established brand authority.

6. Branch Out To Other Media

Content marketing is not only online or offline to establish your brand’s voice. Experts would suggest not being afraid to branch out to newer forms of media. For instance,

  • Hosting your podcast or even being a guest on some other is a great way to build brand exposure.
  • Starting a YouTube channel if you or your brand has its personality.
  • Guest writing an article on a domain with high DA etc., are some ways to establish your brand as an authority.

By creating valuable and helpful content for your audience, you demonstrate your knowledge and utilize your expertise. The sheer act of investing in content marketing is a big step in building more brand authority.

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