Tag Assistant Preview Mode In Google Tag Manager

Published On: January 20, 2021Categories: Digital Marketing

Google has rolled out significant changes to your favorite tagging platform Google Tag Manager (GTM); it now comes equipped with a completely refurbished preview mode experience. While people with great experience may have been able to cope with modifications made, many people remain clueless about Tag Assistant Preview Mode in Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Why are there changes in Google Tag Manager Preview mode?

An ever-increasing number of browsers clamping down on third-party cookies speed up the process to modify GTM. Third-party cookies and debug mode are used in the old preview, whereas the new debugging process only uses first-party storage. Google tools are developing, and with the new interface, it is in-line with debugging for server-side tagging, which is expected to become much more familiar in the future.

Comparison between the Old Vs. New

There are some significant differences between how the preview mode used to be done vs. how it is done with Tag Assistant in Google Tag Manager:

Preview Mode

Tag Assistant

The Preview mode is embedded on the page. Tag assistant is restricted to its own window or tab.
It is impossible to debug mobile browsers. Because of the detached preview interface, mobile debugging is trivial.
State is administered by the third-party cookie. State is administered with first-party storage or local storage.
The current page only displays data layer interactions on the page. The previewed sited shows all API interactions like that gtags, dataLayer etc.
It requires authentication. It doesn’t require authentication.
The preview mode is especially designed to use with web containers The Tag Assistant merges design with server- side tagging

Advantages of the new Google Tag Manager preview mode?

  1. More screen space: Earlier, when a person wanted to track clicks on a button in the bottom-right corner, it was almost not possible because the preview pane arrow was in the way, but now that will no longer be an issue because the preview pane no longer occupies screen space on your website.
  2. Debugging: There are times when you may wish to check the variables on a page, but once you click on a link and the next page loads, you may not be able to see what the links are. This will no longer be a problem, as you can see all your actions across sessions within the new debug mode. Debugging will carry across multiple pages.
  3. Multiple screens: The debug mode is ideal for multiple screens as you can have your debug mode on one monitor and still have the website functioning on the other screen. The tabs will be colored, so you know which tab is generating action.
  4. Future Proof- The new Google Tag Manager Preview mode future proofs the ability to debug even if browsers block third-party cookies thanks to the evolution of browser privacy.

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