The Judgement of Quality over Quantity – Social Media Followers

Published On: June 27, 2017Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

“All that glitters, is not gold”

Similarly, number of social media followers, alone cannot determine health or success of any business. These days we have observed that, every social media account has the goal of reaching over million followers. Well! It naturally is an overwhelming position everyone wants to reach, and use it as a vanity metric. Being a criterion to compare and judged accounts.

We all aspire to gain an inflated number for different reasons. A consistent focus should be maintained on developing high- quality network, that consists users who can help meet business goals. This is when you begin to reap desired results from social media efforts.

Not always a number game

Stationery followers who simply follow & like but do not make any contribution in conversions or engagement are worthless. These are not the kind of followers any business aims at. Such followers are never involved in engaging with posts or re-sharing or even making a purchase. Well! Unfortunately, these add up to be a major number that you are likely to encounter.

On the contrary, in the true picture, a very small number of social media users add up to the very active category, and play an active role in boasting and engaging networks. We can also segregate them as influencers on the social media platform.

These are the kind of followers you desire more, they will make a difference to the brand.

There exists an entire industry that works towards fake followers to make it look large. But honestly, such followers are of very little or no good use. Moving further, giant names like Facebook & Twitter make sure to identify & suspend bots & fake accounts and accounts for engaging in mal practices, like purchase of fake followers.

When you incline towards buying followers, you are not only spending a handsome amount of money, but also are risking it as there are almost no chances of a good ROI. Such malpractices also put the account on stake. The thumb rule here is – Never go for fake followers.

So, instead of just being busy in the number game, it is beneficial to focus on other evaluating factors mentioned below to make a difference in Social media efforts & Results.
• Engagement rates
• Website traffic
• Conversions from social media
• Shares

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