Applying the Power of Social Selling

Published On: April 7, 2014Categories: SMO, Social Media Marketing

Sales are inherently about building relationship and trust among business owners and customers/clients. Today, social networking is shifting its way to approach sales and marketing, leaving behind the traditional outbound techniques. It’s a fact that the face of sales and marketing has undergone a tremendous shift with the latest social selling tools to reach out the prospective customers.

Social selling is making use of social media to communicate with the customers or end-users. Customers tend to research online and compare the results before making the final buying decision. According to the latest statistics, over 90% of B2B (Business-To-Business) buyers begin their buying process online. Therefore, it is important for the social seller to maintain a professional online presence so that they can easily be visible when the prospective customers initial their buying process.

Here are 5 Key Social Selling Fundamentals to create new opportunities for your business

  • Identify Your Target Audience: The initial step to social selling strategy involves identifying your potential customers/buyers in the market. Developing relationship with clients will increase sales and level of online engagements. Social sellers manage their on-line presence focusing on various challenges in the market place.
  • Intelligence is Key: Develop effective online strategies targeting the potential audience. Identifying the interest of the client is essential, as it creates influence on the buying decisions.
  • Establish a Content Marketing Plan: Now it’s clear what the audience wants from you. Plan accordingly and prepare an effective content marketing strategy targeting the issues or problems in the market place. Prepare a quality and relevant content with the aim to reach out to customers and prospects.
  • Become a Trustworthy Source: Become a trusted source of information to engage the potential audience. It will help to influence buying decisions; thereby converting buyers into sales.
  • Analyze Measure and Improve: Keep a track record of all the engagements involving sales activities, social gatherings, and lead generation to review the level of commitment.

In a nut shell, social sellers have lifted their game with a clear understanding of retaining their customers in the market. The increase in social media awareness has reinforced customers and market engagements, building trust and brand loyalty. A well developed social selling plan will help the customers in making their buying decisions, with a chance of converting into sales. If you would like to know more about latest social selling techniques, get in touch get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Consultant.

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