Content Marketing: 5 Tips to Improve Online Presence

Published On: May 5, 2014Categories: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Have you ever felt that you are running short of content ideas for your website? If so, there’s nothing to worry or get annoyed, as it’s a common phenomenon that majority of the internet marketers or online business owners have come across. While most of the online marketers seek out for different techniques to create a unique and user-friendly content, but the secret lies in a plain view “Content Marketing”. According to the latest statistics, 9 out of 10 organizations follow content marketing plan to improve online presence, generating traffic/leads. Content marketing strategies seek to create unique and relevant content enticing and engaging the niche audience through a wide range content including article, blogs, press release, newsletters, info-graphics, white papers, social media post, and videos.
In today’s era, social media is one of the essential platforms for engaging potential customer; therefore every piece of information should be clustered to grab the attention of the audience and achieve the key business goals. It’s a fact that high quality content will set your content marketing apart, attracting more readers. A recent survey revealed that the audience care about good quality content, as 40-45% of the individuals acknowledge that spelling & grammar mistakes reduces the brand value to a great extent. Here’s 5 Tips on Content Marketing on how to stand out and develop high-quality content.

  • Start USP – USP stands for “Unique Selling Proposition” which differentiates a product/service from its competitors. In other words, it’s “What your Business Stands For” or “What sets your Business apart from your contenders”. It is essential to understand your own USP, enabling you to add appropriate voice and story to the piece of information.
  • Know Your Audience – Identify your potential audience to develop a business relationship focusing on online challenges in the marketplace, increasing sales and online engagements. A successful internet marketer should build their buyer’s persona, understanding their concern or requirements.
  • Map the Content to Buying Cycle – To understand your customer’s preference; it is essential to understand the buying cycle which will enable to create suitable content as per the choice. In addition, it will also help to match the most appropriate content format to each phase of the buying process.
  • Map out Business ideas – Make each piece of content contextually relevant based on the customer preference. Adopt multiple formats for delivering creative and unique content. Include a relevant call to action to leave a positive impact for target audience.
  • Develop a Content Calendar – A calendar will help to schedule all the content creation activities and determine what type of content will work the best for achieving the business goal; thereby increasing the content production.

Follow these simple steps to streamline your content creation activities and develop an effective content marketing strategy to make the most of latest search engine, blog, social media, email, and social selling techniques; thereby boosting sales and traffic. If you would like to incorporate content marketing plan for a successful business, get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Consultant.

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