Top 10 B2B strategies of lead generation for 2023

Published On: September 3, 2023Categories: Digital Marketing

Every business requires lead generation strategies to draw the attention of online website customers and prompt them to buy their products and services using digital marketing. These prospective customers are basically termed as b2b demand generation and this process is defined as Lead generation methodology. Now you must be wondering how to initiate these different latest digital marketing lead generation strategy. Isn’t it?

You can implement traffic and lead generation approaches in the year 2023 using Search engine or Social media ads, Content marketing, SEO, email marketing, new target keywords, article submission or blogging, infographics, building an app, and website referrals are the top ways for B2B business.

b2b demand generation strategy

Do you know Lead Generation & its conversion ?
Well, there are many ways to get leads. It could be through, social media, networking events, ads, etc. However, website is one of the most significant platforms for lead generation. When customers visit your website, they are most likely to become leads by subscribing to your email list, signing up for a webinar, grabbing your lead magnet and starting a free trail. These actions are known as lead conversions.

Your website is the reliable source of leads for your business. The intention behind having a website is not just the online presence but to showcase business values and generating revenue. You will need the right traffic for more conversions and revenue.  So, let’s find out the lead generation strategies for getting more leads.

10. Advertise

One of the best ways to attract visitors is through paid search, display advertising and social media advertising. It is very much needed for letting people know about your website and building the brand. Carefully decide on what paid strategies you need as per your business requirements for getting more traffic and increasing conversions. If you wish to derive more sales along with more traffic then you need to go for high commercial intent keywords for your paid search strategies. The competition for these search keywords can be expensive but worth it.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is proved to be an effective marketing strategy that involves sending emails to potential customers and prospects. If done properly, it is sure to help you interact with your targeted audiences along with promoting your brand and increasing sales. Email marketing has generated great results for many B2B businesses with the help of marketing automation and holds the top spot on many B2B marketers’ lists of B2B lead generation strategies. The automation tools are efficiently hybrid email marketing tools used for connecting with CRM enabling the facility to send highly targeted emails to leads

8. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a wonderful option for businesses. They can share interesting contents with the help of articles,videos and so on. You can target audiences and provide them with quality content with an excellent SEO for your website that will increase page views and potential leads will be able to find your website through search engines. Search engines can be used as best tools for marketing any business. You can attain new customers quickly and essentially for free if you have successful SEO and h2 content marketing strategy that offers valuable information for target audience.

7. Find New Keyword Opportunities in Google Analytics

If you want to take benefit of organic search and want to rank for keywords that your competitors lack, then optimizing for long-tail keywords is the best option. With the help of Google analytics, you can discover hidden keywords to look at the long-tail traffic coming into your website. Though it usually gets very low search volume, but being very specific it converts very well as customer looks for exactly what they want to buy.

6. Target Competitor’s Keywords

Try to understand which keywords are being used by your competitors for high conversion rate before spending money to optimize organically. There are tools like Ahrefs which uncovers keywords that your competitors might be already using for getting high traffic. Take the advantage of it and you can optimize your site to rank for the same keywords. With Ahrefs you can also track where your competitors are getting their backlinks from which is rewarded by high organic rankings in the search engines. There’s a h2 chance of increasing your organic rankings in the search engines by compiling a list of the backlinks your competitors using and performing some link outreach.

5. Analyze Competitor Backlinks

Analyzing competitor’s backlinks will help you to gain more organic traffic. Wondering how? There are tools like Majestic SEO that can be used to look at the backlink profile of your competitors. After compiling this list, you can easily reach out to those websites via email or phone and convince them to link back to your website. Follow SEO guides to have a successful backlink outreach campaign and begin your growth to rank your website higher with Google.

4. Analyze Website Visitors To Optimize Conversion

If you want to know about your website visitors, you can use a tool like HotJar that enables recording user sessions on their website. This software will track the mouse movements and clicks of visitors. You can use it to analyze why that particular page isn’t converting well. Sometimes there are issues that affect conversation rates which may be due to slow site speed, bugs on landing page or badly constructed shipping APIs.

3. Guest Blogging

If you want to increase instant exposure to targeted traffic then guest blogging is the best online marketing strategy to invest in. Start contributing content to other blogs related to your niche to avail the maximum benefits of guest blogging that offers important information for target audience. It will exponentially increase your online reach and submitting a guest post with plenty of social media activities will boost the number of shares once the content gets published.

2. Publishing Infographics

Infographics are concisely written and are visually attractive long-form content. They are easy to read and understand. You can build your own beautiful infographics utilizing tools like Snappa in less than 10 minutes without spending too much money on graphic designers.

1. Building an App

A mobile app is an important source of getting maximum new leads and conversions. For B2B, it is imperative to offer something that your competition is not offering to make it a successful one and persuading people to download your apps. Create engaging content, a brochure apps, a free calculator that will help in adding immense value to the end user and driving new leads.


So, you have understood the ins and outs of lead generation. These are the actual tactics that successfully worked for various businesses. So, now it’s your turn to explode your reach by driving traffic to your website with these smart lead generation strategies. Contact Vidushi Infotech now!
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