Amplify Your Brand’s Market Demand by Hiring a Dedicated Resource

Why Hire Dedicated Resource  From Vidushi

Web/Software Developer

Vidushi’s web developers create neoteric, advanced, and highly functional applications with stunning features to fit your business demands. Daily, our diverse and skilled developers apply their knowledge and cutting-edge technology to create progressive web solutions that generate and boost revenues. Taking our service will give you an edge over your competitors! Do you want to know how?

  • By hiring a dedicated resource that specializes in business-driven designs, ultra-modern layouts, development of the site, and providing user-friendly web experiences, you can reach the zenith of profitability.
  • Be it front end of Back End developers; on our team use cross-platform, device-independent, cross-OS website development, dark/light interface, and are aware of the current security threats/prevention
  • Choose from the pool of best developers who integrate SEO techniques to build and optimize your website in a way that Google can easily access, crawl, index, and interpret your website without issues.
  • Being a CMMI L3 Dev2.0 organization, our software developers are well acquainted with the software development life cycle and easily can gauge and drive the projects successfully.
  • Vidushi Developers have pioneered in developing Custom, End to End Solutions for Fortune 500 and Premium companies associated with Silicon Valley organizations; hence they are molded to accept any challenges.
  • There are no hidden costs, flexible working hours, and smooth communication & you will receive the source code after the completion of the project


Several business owners have already saved up 60% of their savings by hiring web developers from us to accomplish their desired target goals. Our developers aren’t afraid of the challenges and guarantee the maximum success of your business.

The main difference that makes us so apart is the fact that we give a spectrum of development services which includes:
Product/Enterprise Solution Software Developers


Mobile Application Developer

Delight your audience with interactive and feature-rich mobile development solutions! We deliver stellar mobile app development services and have helped multiple international brands in designing and building superior digital products, enabling seamless integration and user experience across all modern platforms and devices. We provide a full cycle of application design, and management services to make your application stand out from the rest.

Whether it is a transformative enterprise-class solution or a consumer-oriented application, our developers carry out the entire procedure with ideation, concept, delivery, and ongoing support. By hiring our mobile developer services, you will get

  • Fully-fledged, stable, and scalable mobile applications to build custom iOS and Android apps development
  • Work with the latest versions of iOS and Android, compatible with all OS and OEMs; latest Swift and Kotlin coding and technologies.
  • Power management, geofencing, and notification
  • Native & Cross-Platform solutions
  • Top-notch Automated QA and testing on multiple devices/simulators
  • Embedded Android & AOSP customizations
  • Complete maintenance & post-warranty support
  • UI/UX Design from our experienced developers

With best-in-class skills and experience in Mobile App Development, we can make sure to give you value-added services for your business. Our developers craft top-notch mobile applications for different platforms which engage customers and meet your business goals by using top-notch next-gen technologies, various techniques, intelligent algorithms, and best-proven approaches. With more than a decade of experience in Mobile Development, we can bring out amazing user experience to end-users.

Hire our Skilled Mobile App Developers in the below categories:

Digital Marketing Expert

Almost about 55% of businesses invest in hiring search engine optimization services. Before your firm even considers hiring an SEO on a full-time basis, you need to understand whether you need an SEO expert who can do the job with the fulfillment or someone for whom you must constantly tell what you need. Hence, go for hire dedicated resource services from us.

Acquire our best SEO expert with years of domain knowledge and a proven track record of providing optimization value to brands, irrespective of their size. We provide quality SEO services according to your requirements so that you can achieve your marketing goals with the best deals. Our SEO experts are up to date with the latest advancements, can help with implementing tactics and tools, come up with high-quality game plans and send you weekly reports to know how they are performing. Want to achieve a better return on investment? Turn to our best SEO experts.

  • Devise customized SEO solutions for achieving goals and KPIs
  • Boost your website rank even higher with extreme methodologies and plans
  • We use on-page audits, content seeding, off-page linking, and keyword analysis for better results.
  • We follow only ethical mode of SEO practices to ensure excellent ROI, brand visibility, targeted traffic, and brand awareness of your business
  • You can rely on us for quality link-building campaigns to have awesome results
  • Up to date with the latest trends and search algorithms to have firmed results in search engines
  • Use SEO Audit, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Content Marketing for getting desired results.


Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated resources help you fulfill objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. We deliver the finest IT and software talent to your business for easy execution of projects. By getting our competent, skillful, and experienced resources, you can easily rank, hire, and market your products better.


Yes! Hire a resource from us and if the project requires then we will arrange a skilled professional for you.
We believe politeness and keeping a professional tone is the best way to interact with dedicated resources.
Our goal is to provide you with customizable solutions and for that, it depends on the kind of project you have. We decide, make discussions, and then come up with an affordable deal catering to your needs. For more information, you can contact our official email.
Yes! You can hire a resource without having to sign a long-term contract
The deadline will be set keeping in mind the project and area of development it needs but we will ensure we deliver it on time.
It benefits you as you save time on training an employee, getting highly skilled professional saving and bucks without having to invest in a full-time profession. Plus, you get awesome work from dedicated resources who have years of experience.
You just have to fill out the form or call us, and we will explain everything in detail.
We have a range of resources available like web developers, mobile developers, SEO experts, and more.
We are a firm that has built its services over the years and has skilled professionals on our team. We keep up to date with the latest technologies and plan accordingly. We provide complete help when it comes to your project and treats it equally.
You can save up to 60% of your money by hiring resources from us. You will get reliable sources for your project, an SEO team with current knowledge, and developers who know the latest trends and how to give a boost to your business. Experience and knowledge on manpower benefits, effective communication for the two-way procedure, insight-driven solution, and flexible and customize model