Why opt Vidushi for Open Source Software Development Services

Open-source development processes are emerging as a viable method for shortening development cycles and lowering design, implementation, and quality assurance costs for certain types of software, particularly systems infrastructure software such as compilers, operating systems, and editors, language-processing tools, and middleware. It is the ideal time to implement this technology and gain the freedom of personalization based on your business requirements. Our company and its developers devote their time and skills to writing, improving, and documenting the code for further development. Thus, leading to improvement and expansion of your project.

Located in India, Vidushi Infotech boasts a global clientele base and offers state-of-the-art open source software development services to over 80 countries. The developers on our team are experts at using the latest tools & techniques, cutting-edge methods, and approaches to deliver the solutions you desire.

The assistance that Vidushi can provide


WordPress Development

WordPress is an all-around website building tool. It is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), which makes the entire process of designing, creating, updating, and maintaining a website or a blog as simple as it can be. Over the years, WordPress development has evolved into much more than a CMS and into a utility. The host of features offered by WordPress Development, clubbed together with amazing support, themes available, its easy to use features, affordability, and already optimized for SEO, has made it an obvious choice for a number of businesses looking for a comprehensive CMS that’s totally customizable.

At Vidushi Infotech, our team of WordPress developers specializes in implementing and custom creating websites & blogs as well as designing and developing themes for our clients.



Magento is an open source software tool that helps in designing a high performance customer experience, maintain the statistics towards the upward front, sales-boosting ecommerce site along with streamlined product descriptions and lots more. It has projected itself as the most active platform, which can help in e-commerce website development & digital marketing of the same.

At Vidushi Infotech, our team of Magento developers specialize in implementing and custom creating an ecommerce solution that will make your business a sure-shot success, be it by improving your sales or ROI.


Absolutely. All open source software is available for commercial use.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that commercial is not the same as proprietary. Even though you are always allowed to use software that is distributed under an open source license for commercial purposes, it does not give you the right to impose additional limitations on those who buy it from you.

Choosing the best software solution for your project depends on a number of factors, including the project’s timeline, budget, your willingness to take risks, and the skill levels of your team members (internal skill set). We at Vidushi Infotech, will help your business to find you the same solutions with our open source software developing team.
Yes, at Vidushi Infotech we could help you find an open source programmer or program. (haven’t understood the question, need more clarification)

Yes, at Vidushi Infotech we provide your business the necessary support you require even after we have provided our duly services to you.

You could join open source software communities for many different reasons. Many join because it is part of their job to work on software, either because their organizations hired them to develop it or because their jobs rely on the software working properly. The reason people join communities is to have a direct say in how software that is essential to their organizations’ operations (or their own) is developed. Some people sign up so they can work together to solve a problem they’re having. Some people join because they think it’s important to contribute to a pool of resources that everyone can use.
Think about interacting with the open source community in the same way you might when moving to a new neighborhood. Before suggesting significant changes, make an effort to understand the community’s history, values, and dynamics. Make new acquaintances by doing little tasks. Correct errors in the source code. Consider sponsoring the community’s events or hiring community developers so they can devote more time to the project if your organization is able to provide additional resources to help the community. Just keep in mind that bringing more people into a community than it can comfortably accommodate at one time may elicit a reaction from the community, which can be detrimental to an organization’s long-term goals. Hence, choose your organization’s initial participants in a community wisely.
Open source code is computer program that is created as a public repository and made available to the general public. Anyone with access to the repository can use the code independently or add to the overall project’s functionality and design.
Security practitioners have been debating the impact of open source approaches on security for quite some time. One of the key issues is that open source exposes the source code to scrutiny by everyone, both attackers and defenders, and reasonable people disagree about the long-term consequences of this situation. Open source software has the potential to be far more secure than closed source software. But be cautious—open source does not guarantee security by default.
In general, open source software is significantly less expensive than proprietary ones. In an enterprise setting, open source solutions are typically much more affordable for equivalent or better functionality, and they also give businesses the flexibility to start small and grow.
“Free software” refers to software that values the freedom and community of its users. In general, it means that users are free to use, copy, distribute, research, modify, and enhance the software. On the other hand, open source software is something you can adapt to your needs and share with others without worrying about violating the terms of the license. When we use the term “open source,” we mean that the software’s source code is made available to the public under open source licenses like the GNU (GPL), which permit you to distribute and edit the source code.