Firstly like to thanks Mr.Suresh Prasad for the invitation and remembering the old employees, Yes I started my career with Vidushi and seen many to start their career in Vidushi as VIT gives great opportunities to Freshers and tune them by providing excellent training and friendly work enviornment, Mostly everyone in Vidushi is treated as VIT FAMILY Member all credit goes to Suresh Prasad.
I have joined as Trainee [14th April 2005] and departed as senior web developer[30th April 2010] from Vidushi, when i joined VIT it was a small organisation with only 25 employees, but it has grown rapidly, and now its a BIG organisation. when i see back that Vidushi has completed their 10 years in IT business, feels proud that i have been a small brick in building this big organisation. wish to see more growth and more branches of Vit in India and abroad. And i am confident that Mr. Suresh Prasad will make it happen soon.