Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software Development

looking for a software development company that specialises in artificial intelligence and machine learning, look no further than Vidushi Infotech. Our AI Engineers provide AI solutions for the real world, utilising both purely artificial methods and more traditional methods of combining AI and NI. Our ML Developers, on the other hand, don’t just plug numbers into ML algorithms; they combine data science with cutting-edge engineering.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software Development Methodology

Considering the project’s feasibility, requirements, and goals, we will propose the optimal engagement model and map out a strategy for a rapid and fruitful development cycle.
During the analysis and planning phase, your application concept begins to take form. This phase includes crucial tasks such as generating a product map, defining the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and identifying the app development capabilities required.
The success of the app’s design relies on more than just the quality of its user interface. Instead, it is crucial to guaranteeing a pleasant app experience and paving the road for widespread downloads and positive reviews from the app’s intended audience. Wireframing, mockups, prototyping, and other similar methods are used throughout.
Here, the actual coding process begins. The process encompasses all aspect of development, from creating the technical architecture and selecting the appropriate technology stack to defining the development milestones.
This is crucial for any app, as there may be many surprises waiting to be discovered after the app has been released if it hasn’t been tested previously. There are several types of tests, such as those for performance, security, functionality, platform, and device compatibility, etc.
The most anticipated point in the app development lifecycle is the app’s development or release. The application is made available on the app-stores Apple App Store (iOS apps) and Google Play Store (Android Apps).

Leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software Development

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is widely recognised as one of the most ground-breaking technological developments of recent times.

To businesses of all sizes, we provide trustworthy and dependable AI and ML services that are human-centered, results-oriented, and practical. The AI engineers and ML developers at our company are experts at spotting AI opportunities and removing roadblocks in the development of cutting-edge, innovation-driven, and smarter business solutions.

At Vidushi Infotech, we can assist you in identifying AI-related opportunities and minimising implementation difficulties. By collaborating, we can create new AI possibilities that have the potential to drastically alter the trajectory of human history. Automated machine learning can accelerate the construction of models. With the aid of our business applications driven by machine learning, it is possible to make quicker decisions, boost productivity, automate business processes, and identify anomalies.


Check out our expanded services using artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI Consulting and Development

Our trained staff will assist you in providing timely and precise results. What’s more, they take your company’s aims and construct clearly defined business objectives.

Predictive Modelling

Using predictive modelling, we improve business performance, risk mitigation, and performance monitoring while assisting our clients in acquiring business intelligence.

Data Warehousing

Data warehouse system is a powerful, scalable, and affordable – enabling organizations to share petabytes of data across thousands of users.

Natural Language processing

Our developers are professionals in artificial intelligence and natural language processing and can assist you in comprehending and deriving meaningful conclusions from natural voice and text. This might assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of impending data or technological trends and doing predictive analysis. Contact our staff for more information on NLP analysis.

ML Product Development for high end Performance

Our software development staff is proficient in learning and experimenting with emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Science, etc. Thus, we can assist you in developing robust machine learning applications and integrating them into your existing business systems to increase your profit margins.

Machine Learning Development

The machine learning software we develop is use in a variety of ways, including the prediction of complex customer behaviour and the resolution of various business problems. More so, the software requires little in the way of human input.

AI-Powered Web Applications

Data Support for AI/ML

AI Solution Support and Optimization

Why Vidushi Infotech?

We offer AI solutions with human-like abilities like reasoning, learning, and self-improvement that don’t require extensive programming. The way we do research for our Artificial Intelligence and Data Science projects is unique in comparison to the standard procedure for software development.

Transparent Communication
We ensure that all processes are open to see, and that communication is always maintained to accomplish the goals set.

Experienced Team
Our team consistently seeks for the best possible outcomes and is effective in reaching all our primary objectives. We provide available top-level engineers who are dedicated to guaranteeing that our outsourced services are of the highest possible quality.


100% Client Satisfaction
Customers’ needs come first at our industry-leading artificial intelligence software development firm. We use cutting-edge tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc. to create reliable, scalable, and user-friendly software.

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Vidushi Infotech is an artificial intelligence (AI) software development company that collaborates with businesses across sectors to determine where automation may have the greatest impact. Our comprehensive skillset covers everything from conceptualization to implementation, from machine learning to natural language processing, and will aid you in creating an intelligence-focused business and gaining a strategic edge.

Vidushi Infotech AI/ML development offers everything from Machine Learning, Chatbot Development Services, Natural Language Processing, data support, Computer Vision development, Product development for high performance AI, Data Warehousing, AI Solution support and optimization.
Yes. We have a dedicated team that will assist in finding solutions.
There are a number of advantages to incorporating machine learning into your organisation, including accurate sales forecasts, streamlined product marketing, real-time decision making, and risk assessment.
The potential benefits of using services powered by AI are immense. We are the industry leaders in artificial intelligence and machine learning development, and we help our customers make the transition from manual to automated business processes by building them custom desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ways you can use AI into your apps:

User Behaviour Analytics
Information gathered from various user interactions is stored in a central database by AI-driven systems.

Recommendation Engines
Develop self-sufficient, user-specific engines for delivering individualised services.

Artificial Neural Network
Accessing neural network-related AI through custom-built software requires a computing system with coarse elements and highly dependent processing components.

AI – driven Chatbtos
Create separate or unified Chatbots to facilitate individualised interactions and boost sales.

Our web development solutions include Design, front-end development, back-end development, web applications, product and enterprise solutions, and mobile app development are all part of what we provide as developers. Furthermore, we provide IT support (including cloud-based services) and digital marketing services.
We provide the eMarketplace a variety of exceptional services, including dedicated resource outsourcing, offshore and onshore resource deployment, and start-ups.

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Yes. We propose to take full responsibility for service and support after the creation of our cutting-edge AI software.
Numerous variables impact the software development cost of artificial intelligence:

  • the project’s scope
  • assemblage of technology included
  • Number of hours of development
  • Your firm’s objectives

Our team aids you in every way possible, balancing the cost and quality of your product to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Contact us for evaluation of your potential AI solution, and we will provide you with all the information you require quickly.

IBM Watson & Bluemix platform, Amazon Machine Learning, Google TensorFlow and Cloud Prediction API, and Azure Machine Learning Studio, to mention a few, are among the platforms with which we operate.