Veeva Services – Level Up
Business Efficiency with Vidushi

Here we define the aims, timelines, roles, and responsibilities of each project. We manage to know the inefficiencies in your project and take notice of the status and requirements. We work on planning, execution, and problem-solving to provide your project with the best ROI.
Our team of developers uses Veeva and configures software based on the requirements given by you during the first stage. This is where we develop and test out the software before loading all the data into the system. We configure specifications, check out many iterative sessions for requirements and configure demonstration, configuration lock, test scripts and sign off from the computer.
We help in the easy migration of data into the configured system while making notice of whether all integration and customer requirements are done on their basis. We keep all tracks of migration in sheets, load data, and do integration testing, specifications, and workshops. For more information, you can check out our website.
We help with providing training and give support even after the website is live for launch. We train all the materials for current and future audiences, work on Veeva Admin Certification and provide complete support after the website has gone live. Our developers work to provide you with better engagement with the help of this service.

Why Us?

Whether your end aim is to increase sales or to improve marketing, our team is good at handling both effectively. We are a leading Veeva partner. We support our customers with planning, designing, and complete delivery of Veeva solutions. Our developers have successfully handled more than 100 projects. With us, you can get the benefit of consulting, managing, and training services. Our knowledge is vast, and our industry experts make use of Veeva Multichannel CRM, Medical CRM, and Vault to make your business efficient.

Benefits of Veeva Services

  • Improved Field Teams That Help in Efficient Working
  • Content Can Be Easily Created & Distributed
  • Pre-Built Apps Easily Integrates with Software
  • Vault has improved many businesses

Quick Tip Do’s & Don’ts

Here are a few tips for Veeva services for your business and growth


  • Pre-populate my setup products
  • Check the spelling in the Metric Configurations tab if product metrics aren’t showing
  • Users can create FLS Edit to the Mobile_ID field for creating offline records


  • Delete or modify anything with _VOD in the name
  • Rename Veeva tabs to avoid the issue
  • Install the Veeva CRM application on an existing org